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Some are rightly confused about a relationship with God when the Bible is used to suggest actions that make no rational sense. Was Jesus, who represented God on earth, suggesting a woman should allow a man to continue to abuse here when advising: If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek… (Mt. 5:39). Was Jesus suggesting soldiers should never defend themselves when war is necessary to protect yourself? Jesus’ audiences perhaps only had hate in their heart and were unwilling to forgive no matter the circumstances.

Jesus didn’t turn the other cheek but often spoke out against others’ harmful actions. Jesus had plenty of enemies among the religious because they misrepresented who God really was. Jesus threw a few tables around in the temple when necessary. His words clearly were confrontational when they continue to lie that Gods’ love was no different than human love with conditions necessary to be accepted. Jesus was though willing to seek peace and forgive when appropriate, even under very difficult circumstances.

Evil sometimes can be overcome with good. It is human nature to demand an eye for an eye, but reputations that have been stolen for a time cannot be returned or childhood memories erased. Revenge may be the first thought that comes to mind but what if our betrayers show true remorse for their actions. There are times when it is appropriate to go the extra mile. Such actions can often lead one to reflect upon and change their harmful ways toward others. There may be times to not demand being treated as we want to be treated. Every circumstance can be different.

We must use our brains when it is important to protect ourselves physically or emotionally. The Bible is not a rules book but for reflection in deciding how a loving God might guide us in our personal situations. 

God would never ask one to not use common sense in difficult relationship situations. Seek the wisdom of others. Make the best current decision and have no regrets. God doesn’t want us always wondering if we did the right thing. God though would encourage us to allow our hearts to not always be consumed with revenge and hatred. Being a world changer is sometimes seeking God’s help in responding in supernatural ways when circumstances allow.

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