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I have stopped referring to myself as a Christian because the term is often associated with beliefs doubtful of a loving God. When an occasion calls for a prayer and no ministers are around, people look to me. This hasn’t always been the case because of past beliefs others knew I had about God. Might any of the following beliefs allow you and others to be more comfortable despite your faith? The church is not the only place to discuss being spiritual-minded or living life lovingly.

God-followers or Bible-believers think they need to use that abominable saying with gay people “I love you but hate your sin” because the Bible supposedly condemns such love.

How is committed love ever wrong in God’s eyes? Many aren’t as open with their spirituality because of certain views of God believed to be necessary despite what their hearts tell them. Biblical scholars, who believe in the trustworthiness of the Bible, don’t agree on interpretations of writings penned thousands of years ago. It is more important to not discourage others from living life more lovingly than supposing what God feels about someone.

God-followers don’t have to defend that Hell is a reality. 

We don’t know for sure what happens when meeting our Creator. The word Hell is a substitution for the Hebrew and Greek words Sheol and Gehenna. It is highly unlikely writers using such words had in mind a burning inferno where God torture people endlessly after death. Who doesn’t know unending suffering is pointless as it doesn’t produce any good! The traditional understanding of Hell is morally indefensible. Biblical interpretation must be plausible based on what a loving God would be like humanly speaking. You are free to never think or discuss Hell as part of your beliefs.

God-followers don’t have to have a hidden agenda to convert others to accept your personal beliefs.

Who doesn’t know it is wrong to have hidden agendas in relationships, and no one starts a relationship advising one they must accept certain beliefs to be accepted by God. We live in times where terrorists suppose a loving God insists in believing in their version or God or die. We don’t want our beliefs to look like such extremists. You do not have to worry about converting others but only to live life lovingly and inspire others to do likewise if interested.

God-followers don’t have to insist others must believe in God to be spiritual. The existence of God cannot be proven. This is an individual journey for all and between them and God if they truly exist. There are many rational reasons why one may find it hard to believe in an invisible God. Let’s not accuse those who believe in God as being irrational and those that don’t believe of being irrational. If it is a sin to doubt God exists, then Christians sin if they doubt God in troubled times. God never insisted in the Bible to believe in God or be doomed. The God of the Bible only opposed those who participated in horrific immoralities that endangered the lives of others.

Many avoid conversations with God-followers. Many people of faith struggle to find comfortable expressions of their faith because of supposed beliefs necessary in their faith.  

I am convinced one will be freer when they don’t feel compelled to convert others, when they don’t feel compelled to be associated with any beliefs they don’t believe are possible of a loving God. Simply live life lovingly if so inspired by the love you feel from your Creator. Encourage others in such a pursuit when such discussions are desired. It doesn’t have to be awkward or uncomfortable discussing with others how to treat one another like we want to be treated and how we can continually be inspired to live such a life.

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