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I am going to get personal. Many think the biggest reason to be a God-follower is to avoid going to hell. Nope! A loving God would never think that a genuine relationship is found through fear. I fail often but I am a better husband, father, and friend as being a God-follower continually inspires me to be the kind of person I deep down desire to be toward others. We all long for parents or a boss that on an emotional level we are absolutely convinced have our best interest in mind. The God I know has my attention!

My wife and I have been married a long time despite my failures. I often act like a best friend should, but I fail to speak my wife’s love language to many times to remember. I have raised my voice in anger from time to time, I have broken things in the past when angry, I have defended myself rather than listen. But, I have a desire to take responsibility for and confess wrongdoings than blame others for my actions. I am not convinced that I would engage in such unnatural behaviors as often if not inspired by my relationship with a loving God who accepts my flaws.

The greatest advantage of being a God-follower is knowing good enough isn’t enough.

Many in marriage can claim perhaps a 90% success rate. I am convinced many marriages don’t make it because one partner accepts only being good enough or not as bad as other partners they know. But, the goal of marriage or any relationship should be aiming for perfection. My God allows me to pursue perfection while not being paralyzed by guilt when failing. I have the “want to” to be perfect. That is on God!

My Mom favors one child over all five of her children. The favored child of course doesn’t man up to stop such behaviors. One child against another may be wrong. But, four children wrong raised by the same Mom as opposed to the favored child! Mom denies being untruthful but expects a normal relationship as if nothing has happened. My relational God provides insight that it is okay to keep your distance to protect your emotions, but revenge or bitterness only continues the victimization. I am open to forgiveness than resentment when wrongdoing is confessed because God has forgiven me countless times. That is on God!

I have hurt others in relationships, sometimes intentionally and sometimes unintentionally. But, for some crazy reason I don’t struggle much to confess my wrongdoings and take the first step in hopes of healing. Readers know this is not always natural. I can only imagine that the reason I can suck up my pride at times is because of the relationship I have with my Creator who inspires thinking that being right isn’t always the most important factor in friendships.

I actually thought as a parent it was my job not to demand but earn respect.

I can only assume I got that from a Creator Parent who gives me the freedom to be who I am with the gifts I have, who loves me with no strings attached, and who though perfect seeks to win me over. Parents often struggle with their teenagers because they are continue to control when more appropriate to begin letting go for a child’s own good. I am the first to take action if my child hurts others. But, their pursuit of their interests may not be what I had in mind but I am on board.

I am simply saying that knowing how my Creator loves me, I am more inspired to reflect such love onto others. I may fail but I am going to die trying. That is on God!

My attitudes don’t always translate into actions but I cannot imagine the man I would be without God. I did not share the above to tell you what a good person I am or that I am a better person than others. The love I feel from my God is the love I had always desired from my parents. The biggest reason for being a God-follower is the continual inspiration and encouragement received in striving to be the kind of person who deep down desire to be.

My views of God have turned out to be the views I imagine would always be true of a loving God. Do yours?

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