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God doesn’t advocate for one nation under God because this would require God’s love to be controlling. God has always desired freedom of beliefs for the possibility of authentic relationships. Parents guide and sometimes must impose their beliefs on their children in the beginning, but eventually a parent hopes their children will make similar choices on their own because of self-interest and the interests of others. God wouldn’t be a good terrorist or religious extremist since God is opposed to forcing personal beliefs on others.

But, isn’t God in the business of choosing one nation under God such as with Israel in the Old Testament? God choose Israel as a mouthpiece to introduce God in the beginning, for God desired to have a relationship with all nations. God intended through Abraham to bless all nations (Gen 12:3). Other nations could look to Israel to see what God was really like to compare God against their gods. God choosing Israel wasn’t favoritism as only one nation could be chosen by God for the Messiah to be born into to represent God. It isn’t favoritism when all win. Unfortunately, Israel twisted God’s choice as if they were privileged over others.

Believing God desires one nation leads to individuals not respecting the rights of others to freely make their own choices. There is chaos when nations don’t require certain moral actions for the protection of others. One is not free to steal from a neighbor without consequences. But, whether people desire to believe in a God or not and what behaviors that inspires, if not violating the rights of others, is one’s own business. Some believe God and the Bible are opposed to same sex relationships between two consenting adults, so they seek to impose their beliefs on others. Such personal decisions are between one and their Creator.

I believe the Bible only speaks to same sex relationships in the context of infidelity or violence such as rape. Who doesn’t know that any sexual behaviors that are mindless, selfish, uncommitted engagements, as opposed to consensual monogamous relationships, are wrong? Church folks condemn gay relationships but they get divorced half the time. One best examine their own life before condemning gay couples who are committed. Should a baker who personally believes homosexual marriages are wrong be forced to sell wedding cakes to gay couples? Honestly, I am not sure why a gay couple would want to patronize such a business, but forcing choices on the baker or a gay couple seems to me similar behaviors.

God may hope for all nations and people under God because God has our best interest in mind. God is not a representation of our earthly parents but the perfection of the human parents we have always desired. A nation abiding by the Ten Commandments is not a bad thing since God always has the interests of others in mind. But, choices and relationships must not be forced. This is a violation of God’s very nature. Pushing beliefs on others doesn’t lead to the highest good in relationships. God followers who believe their relationship with God can benefit others can live in a way that others may want to consider their God.




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