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God has the reputation of having a short fuse, but I don’t buy it. Based on my past actions I have just been given too much slack. Deserved suffering isn’t hard to explain and I get less than I deserve. Be self-centered if you prefer to be lonely. Be a controlling parent if you want the kids to only visit if you got money they want. God must be a forgiving God because I am pretty sure I am out of free passes and still breathing and writing. But, there is one sin God can’t forgive!

No, uncommitted sex isn’t the worst sin in God’s eyes. One may think perhaps murder is the greatest sin. After all no matter if you admit and take responsibility for your actions, you can’t resurrect one’s family member or friend. You will never be able to give back cherished future memories you have robbed one from being with their loved one. Apparently though, God didn’t get the memo. God’s hall of fame includes Moses, King David, and Paul. God choose these men to represent God to millions of others. These three men had at least one thing in common – they killed another person out of angry, lust, or for power.

No, committing the same sin over and over and over and over and over isn’t the greatest sin. If repentance means changing the first time we screw up, then none of us can claim to be totally forgiven by God. Repentance means you accept what everyone knows – you are a screw up. Repentance simply means you know you need to repent. That is it!! There are consequences in human relationships for not changing the first time, but God doesn’t say I forgive if you never do it again. All we have to do is stop pretending and recognizing we are self-centered. Go easy on the judgment of others. It could have been us.

No, committing the unpardonable sin mentioned in the Bible isn’t the worst sin. Many may be familiar with the unforgivable or unpardonable sin (Mt. 12:31-32). Most scholars agree those who committed the unpardonable sin at the time of the above writing were those who refused to accept the witness of the Holy Spirit to who Jesus was, even accusing Him of being demon possessed. They weren’t seeking Jesus’ forgiveness at the time. But, the Bible is clear that those who deny and accuse Jesus but then seek forgiveness, Jesus welcomes them with open arms.

There may be a reason that not forgiving others of their sin is a pretty big deal in the Bible. God is said to forgive us if we forgive others (Mt. 6:14). If the guilty are sincere and truly understand the pain they have caused others, they would forgive others instantly to stop their pain. The Bible implies giving forgiveness depends on confession: “If a brother or sister sins against you, rebuke them; and if they repent, forgive them” (Lk. 17:3). It takes two to tango so forgiveness can lead to total healing. Jesus didn’t pray to forgive before whooping up on the religious in the temple for misrepresenting God. They weren’t sorry! Apparently, forgiveness is conditional.

The greatest sin of all is unconfessed sin and not seeking genuine forgiveness. Not even God can forgive unforgiveness! Let’s stop heaping guilt on others because they don’t forgive others who deny any wrongdoing. Neither should we waste our time with revenge or sulking in bitterness. The greatest sin when confronted is refusing to admit, take responsibility, and make amends after failing to treat others like you want to be treated. If you think you are right while two or more of your friends or family confront you of wrongdoing, think again! Okay, one person could be wrong, maybe even two family members. But if most of your family or friends agree against you, stop committing the greatest sin of all that prevents healing in relationships.

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