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It may sound crazy to some but having a friendship with an invisible Creator may offer more than what earthly friends can provide. No one though wants a friendship with a Creator you do not respect or have concerns. Identify any concerning character issues about God that may prevent even the desire to pursue a relationship. God doesn’t mind the hard questions in discerning what God is really like contrary to what we have been taught or think. 

God is always available in times of hopelessness. God always seeks to lend a hand when struggling with how we treat others or with habits that we just can’t seem to change. God doesn’t have a limit on how many relapses will be tolerated. God isn’t going to pile more guilt on us. God already know we heap enough guilt on ourselves. We already suffer consequences for our actions. God doesn’t have to create more damage. God seeks to continually assure us of God’s mercy, forgiveness, and love so we don’t every give up no matter how demoralized we may feel. God will never give up on us or lose hope. 

God is always available in times of suffering. One though during such times may wonder why a loving God doesn’t alleviate their suffering. Everyone understands deserved suffering. Treat the children like crap and they may not visit when older. What about undeserved suffering? God if all powerful surely could intervene more often with evils whether just to one person or millions. A plausible explanation could be that when God created freedom God’s essence required their love never be controlling. God cannot prevent evil if there is to be true freedom any more than a parent can prevent a child from hating them. God did join us in undeserved suffering through Jesus to give hope that some good can come out of our suffering as it did Jesus’.  

God is always available in times of loneliness. We should reach out to friends during such times but they can’t always be available when we are experiencing such feelings. Friends can’t always be available in the middle of the night. We may feel sometimes that we are overburdening our friends by constantly going to them with our concerns. God’s shoulders surely are much bigger. God isn’t burdened by their own problems that they have created. We can’t always be available to our friends when we are struggling ourselves.  

God is always available in times of indecisiveness. We are confronted with decisions on a regular basis. No matter how much a parent may love their child they may be bias. A parent may point their child in a certain direction for a career because of how a child’s choices reflect back on them. God only has moral biases for the good of all. God is the supreme listener. God speaks to us mostly through self-reflection. Since God’s love is not controlling, God only wants us to feel free to make decisions based on our gifts and aspirations.  

God may not be visibly present but God unlike many friends has the time, strength, and patience to just be together. I know how friends can be sometimes because I am a friend. We can get frustrated rather than show patience, we can give advice rather than listen, we can be overbearing rather than understanding change must always come from within. God is open to formal or informal times in talking anytime anywhere. Just speak or think your mind when not preoccupied with tasks. God just wants to come alongside and help you to cope and make decisions in your best interest.


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