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I admit I voted for the lesser bad of two choices. I don’t often discuss politics on this spiritual blog. Our spirituality may influence our views when convinced such a vote creates the most good in the long-run. But, Christians get it wrong when thinking Jesus came to create a one-world nation as if forcing beliefs changes hearts. God only wishes to influence all to pursue good and shun evil.

We must stop imposing our morality on others.

The key to progressing as a nation comes with handling our differences with civility and lack of moral superiority. See here . Differences are normal in any relationship. Actions violating physical safety are obviously immoral. Decisions such as health care, taxes, or consenting adults entering a heterosexual or homosexual relationship are not violating anyone’s physical safety. We can have laws against murder or abuse to protect basis rights, but imposing compliance on non-moral issues makes freedom a mockery.

How we handle out differences starts at the top with leadership.

President Trump, will you please be more of a leader in this area. Obviously, you have strong views of changes this nation needs to make. You were elected over your opponent so you have more of a platform to voice those views. Sometimes I agree with your ideas; sometimes I don’t. But, we both owe each other civility when we disagree.

“A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger” (Prov. 15:1).

It is true a soft answer doesn’t always turn away anger. But, a soft answer provokes anger a lot less than belittling and name calling. The Bible may suggest to a nation what it advises parents. The Apostle Paul who wrote a great deal of the NT gave very little specific advice about parenting, but he did say “Parents, stop exasperating your children” (Eph. 6.:4). Translation: stop pissing your children off or giving them a reason to act out. President Trump, for the love of God, please stop belittling or name-calling!

Our nation’s uncivility isn’t all on President Trump.   

Sometimes voters get what they voted for. Many justify President Trump’s actions because “it’s about time someone rocked the boat.” There are better ways to defend your policies that you believe will advance a nation. Stand for President Trump’s policies if so inclined, but don’t stand for provocative behaviors. And evangelical Christian followers – stop imposing your beliefs on others through politics. Jesus didn’t come to establish a nation but change hearts.

Being provoke is no excuse for uncivility.

Just because someone belittles you is no reason to respond back in like fashion. After all, you condemn such behaviors from your adversary. Someone has to be the bigger person! Violence shouldn’t be necessary unless one is in physical danger. But, c’mon President Trump. You are the leader of our nation. Set the example. Be concerned that your son is going to grow up just like you in handling differences. Be concerned that those who voted for you and those that didn’t vote for you can be provoked to retaliate against verbosity with physicality.

In summary………

Please, Mr. President! For others – there are no excuses for bad behaviors. Don’t react but respond appropriately. All opinions can be expressed without verbal aggression so we can stand side by side to continuous evaluate the most loving approach. Differences must be resolved by defending one’s reasoning, respecting the freedom of opinions, and committing to growing in understanding.  Start conversations looking for areas you agree. Treat others how you wish to be treated if in their shoes. Differences don’t have to lead to chaos but can lead to creative solutions.


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