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Our nation is in a world of hurt, but I never meet anyone who wants to live in a dictatorial nation where basic freedoms of choice are denied. We can have laws against murder or abuse to protect basis rights, but imposing compliance on non-moral issues makes freedom a mockery. Democratic nations have no excuse. We live by moral laws most can agree while having the privilege to vote on our differences.

First, we must more carefully distinguish between moral and personal differences.

Nations in essence claim irreconcilability by not distinguishing between moral and personal differences. Behaviors toward others that you would not accept toward yourself are likely moral in nature. Thievery is wrong because all would object being stolen from. Actions violating physical safety are obviously moral. Decisions such as health care, taxes, or consenting adults entering a heterosexual or homosexual relationship are not violating anyone’s physical safety.

Secondly, people of faith must stop claiming certainty in the name of God.

We can’t understand God perfectly according to any Book because literature requires interpretation, even if we believe the Book is infallible. Scholars disagree what the Bible says about divorce, gender roles, homosexuality, hell, etc. No Book can be viewed as the authoritative guide to what God thinks because we disagree what it says. Besides, a God who created freedom never imposes personal beliefs on others as if that really leads to genuine, lasting choices.

Thirdly, all people must commit to non-violence.

Violence is never appropriate unless protecting oneself from danger. We must peacefully protest and violent protestors must be called out by leadership, so we can discuss solutions to our differences. It is horrible when people of different color or gender don’t naturally have the same rights. Such views must not be enabled through silence by those who enjoy their rights protected. Authorities such as police must be obeyed and their actions reviewed by outside parties for possible expulsion or criminal charges. Martin Luther King demonstrated change is possible through peaceful means.

Finally, all opinions must be expressed without verbal aggression so we can stand side by side to continuous evaluate the most loving approach.

How is “we know the truth” working out! TV hosts or guests shouting at one another or not listening by interrupting isn’t productive. Marriages or any relationships simply cannot survive with such actions. President Trump provokes by belittling or name-calling. Differences must be resolved by defending one’s reasoning, respecting the freedom of opinions, and committing to growing in understanding. The conversation changes completely when humbleness and open-mindedness are part of the tone while treating others how you wish to be treated if in their shoes. Differences don’t have to lead to chaos.

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