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The word infallible is confusing or unknown by those who didn’t grow up in the church. Did the biblical writers always understand God perfectly from the beginning rather than growing in knowledge? How would God control the minds and words of the writers anyway? This may explain violent warfare actions in God’s name as writers thought it was sacrilegious to not speak of God as almighty and controlling. Regardless, literature requires interpretations meaning we could be wrong about the original intent of the author, so we must read the Bible with an open-mind.

Uncertainty doesn’t exist as much as one may think.

Whether one believes in a God or not, most expect a Being claiming to be God must be perfect. We know a lot about perfection thus God because we all have an innate knowledge of right and wrong. A nation can make laws because there is universal agreement against murder, theft, physical or sexual abuse, etc. A universal expectation to treat others like we want to be treated hints a Creator communicates to all what is good.

Uncertainty must exist in a free world.

Freedom leads to a great deal of unpredictability. The only way for a God to protect us completely against emotional or physical harm is to create robots. A partner may respond with gratitude for a second change or another chance may simply enable bad behaviors to continue. God is supportive of the wisest decisions we know under current circumstances. God can’t promise you a certain outcome in relationships or jobs and still be a respecter of freedom. God deals as much with uncertainty as we do, as not even an all-powerful God can know a free, undetermined future.

Certainty doesn’t always unite or lead to loving actions.

How is threatening or forcing supposed certainty working out? The idea of an infallible, authoritative Book has led to subjective interpretations being proclaimed as “certainty” in God’s name.  Failing to read the Bible with an open-mind motivated by love and putting oneself in another’s shoes has led to justifying slavery, condemning gays, and denying women entrance into the priesthood – all in God’s name. Certainty has led to dogmatism in the name of God rather than open-mindedness and a willingness to grow in understanding.

Uncertainty can force us to accept one another’s differences.

God understands as much as humans that forcing beliefs doesn’t lead to long-lasting changes. A loving God only wishes to encourage and empower us to make choices with the interest of others in mind. Different opinions, expressed without physical or verbal aggression, can stand side by side as we continually evaluate the most loving approach. Differences don’t have to lead to chaos but can be resolved by remaining open-minded to new understandings and creative solutions. The conversation changes completely when humbleness because of uncertainty is part of the tone.

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