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The word infallible is confusing or unknown by those who didn’t grow up in the church. Did the biblical writers always understand God perfectly from the beginning rather than growing in knowledge? How would God control the minds and words of the writers anyway? This may explain violent warfare actions in God’s name as writers thought it was sacrilegious to not speak of God as almighty and controlling.  Regardless, literature requires interpretations meaning we could be wrong – it isn’t always clear the original intent of the author – so we must read the Bible with an open-mind.

God may communicate more than given credit for.

Our moral outrage hints of a human Creator’s influence through our moral intuitions. A nation can make laws because there is universal agreement against murder, theft, physical or sexual abuse, etc. Thievery is wrong because all would object being stolen from. Actions violating personal or family safety are obviously immoral. Criminals often don’t defend their actions; instead, they deny committing such crimes. A universal desire to treat others like we want to be treated hints a Creator communicates to all what is good. Besides a Book wouldn’t be God’s main communication because the majority born into this world never had a copy of the Bible.

God’s invisibility can be out of uncontrolling love than cruelness.

God’s overpowering presence in our lives may only lead to consuming guilt or fearful obligations to obey. Beliefs are seldom life-changing or lasting if not freely chosen. God in person through Jesus’ miracles did not magically solve our problems if only God would stop hiding. How is human physical presence working for you in keeping you on the straight and narrow? Don’t we hide our feelings or actions from human partners or friends when not doing what we are supposed to.

Direct communication doesn’t always lead to moral behavior.

When God supposedly verbally dictated keeping the Sabbath as one of the Ten Commandments, some interpreted that as not helping an injured soul on that day while others understood helping wasn’t violating the spirit of the law. God separated the Red Sea and dropped manna from the sky to help a nation survive in the wilderness, but this didn’t always lead to the Israelites believing in God. Certainty what God wants often leads to forcing personal convictions on others but God believes freedom of beliefs best lead to long-lasting positive choices.

God doesn’t have to communicate as much as one may assume.

God guides us morally through intuitions to treat others like we want to be treated. God hasn’t predetermined the future so God can magically advise what job or relationship will work out best in the long-run. Know your gifts and pursue your passions with God’s support. Godly and human love may work the same. Children as they get older benefit more through a relationship than being told what to do. Is it necessarily bad that God has left more to our imagination? Maybe God really does forgive all things? Maybe God is the perfect parent we always have hoped for.

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