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“It’s eye opening to realize that in all the evangelistic sermons found in the book of Acts, none of them make an appeal to afterlife issues. Not one. If preaching the gospel is telling people how to avoid an afterlife hell, the apostles in Acts did not preach the gospel! …Jesus’ teaching on hell is basically this: If you refuse to love, you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven (here on earth) and will end up a lonely tormented soul.”

Brian Zahnd, Chapter 10, Hellrazed edited by Kevin Miller

Jesus didn’t say all non-Christians are wicked and go to hell after death. The traditional understanding of Hell doesn’t exist in the Bible. The wicked are those who inflict evil on others. Is Gandhi really locked in hell forever tormented? When Jesus was asked how to have eternal life, He simply said to love God and your neighbor (Lk.10:25-37). Loving God is to love the poor and suffering like we want to be loved if in their shoes. Eternal life in Jesus’ eyes was a quality of life that begins now. Jesus’ focus wasn’t on quantity of life after death.  A life worth living begins here on earth by knowing your Creator loves you and seeks to empower you to shun evil and to good.


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