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“Take the idea of eternal hell for instance. Such a notion renders God a monster. Adolf Hitler choose to condemn and torture millions of Jews for a brief time, and the world considered him a war criminal. But many Christians routinely posit a God who will condemn and torture not millions, but billions, and not for a short while but for all eternity. Such a God is, simply put, unethical…Worshiping a violent, unethical God will lead to becoming a violent, unethical people.”

The Afterlife: Considering Heaven And Hell by   Jaime Clark-Soles

Click to access 31-1_Clark-Soles.pdf

I have written previously on this Site that Hell is not in the Bible (Search the word Hell). There is no word in Hebrew or Greek for “hell.” The word hell, a substitution not translation for certain Hebrew and Greek words, seems to have been invented over the centuries to scare people into obedience.

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