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God often gets a bad rap because their message or guidance seems so unclear. God though may communicate more than we think and remain invisible for compassionate reasons.

Hasn’t God already communicated morally? We somehow know if an action is moral or immoral, perhaps because of a common Creator. How else do we know it is wrong to murder, steal, lie, commit adultery, or not treat others like we want to be treated? Even terrorists know they don’t want to be beheaded or raped.

God doesn’t have to communicate about non-moral issue anymore than a loving parent must tell their child what career to pursue or what relational decisions are best. God hasn’t predetermined the future so they can magically advise what job or relationship will work out best in the long-run. Know your gifts and pursue your passions.

How is relational physical presence working for you in keeping you on the straight and narrow? Don’t we hide our feelings or actions from human partners or friends when not doing what we are supposed to. God supposedly came visible in the person of Jesus and we have determined thousands of contradictory ways to misunderstand God.

God invisible spirit or lack of physical presence leads to not wasting our time hiding selfish actions. It may not be all bad that God is left more to our imagination. Maybe God is forgiving no matter what we have done. Maybe God is the perfect parent or friend we have desired in others.

God’s overpowering presence in our lives could lead to hiding or brief obligations to obey out of awe or fear. If God visibly pushed their agenda from the beginning rather than allowing us in our own time to come to God with questions, we may simply rebel and never turn back. Our friends may have good advice, but it often works out best when we take it in our own time. The road traveled of learning, reflecting, and freely choosing convictions over time better leads to heart-felt lasting choices.


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