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Let me try to answer my own question several different ways. We have to stop demanding our view is right so you and your view are wrong! We have to stop acting that our interpretation of God in the Bible is undebatable. When you stop claiming you know God better than others, you stop trying to control others’ thinking and ways and allowing God to speak to individual hearts.

No, not everything goes. We can still use common moral sense. Who thinks you can murder, steal, or abuse others? Only terrorists believe you can torture, rape, or behead someone because of different religious beliefs. Most political differences, including if you voted for Trump or Clinton, are not violating anyone’s rights. It can be complicated if abortion violates the rights of the unborn child, but we at least must have humane discussions.

Religious folks cannot claim their interpretation of the Bible is God’s.

Literature always requires interpretation. We cannot always know exact meanings of words written thousands of years ago translated into different languages. Biblical scholars frequently disagree on the meaning of the same passage and different applications are suggested for different circumstances. We must not condemn gay relationships, declare women cannot be priests, or that God tortures unbelievers in Hell, according to the Bible. There are opposing interpretations.

How does a nation function in open-minded chaos?

Democratic societies can allow discussions of opposing views. Voting allows for a majority view until future voting. I have more faith in many than a few. There is so much less chaos when one can look forward to non-violent respectful discussions as to the merits of different beliefs.

Claiming you are right only condemns those who disagree with you.

If I could take back one major action in raising my children and loving my wife, it would be that I had been more open-minded. I communicated many of my beliefs about God is if I had a direct line to God. All I did was squash discussions and convey an attitude of I am right and you are wrong. Being passionate about your views is not a good excuse of failing to recognize the rights of others to disagree and possibly be right. Religious people drive others away by being dogmatic about their interpretation of the Bible.

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