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God gets a bad rap for not communicating more or at least directly. I have written about this topic recently but I wanted to ask a different question in addressing this topic. Many hesitate to take a leap of faith because they question why a loving God would be so hidden. Many of faith are frustrated or don’t feel connected to God because of feeling clueless about God’s direction for their life. But, God’s direct communication through miracles in biblical times didn’t obtain the relationship results one would think if only God would stop hiding.

It is doubtful a Book is God’s main communication because the majority of those born into this world never had a copy of the Bible.

Even if one believes the Bible is God’s main communication to us, we can still feel that God fails to communicate directly to us. It is not uncommon for different meanings to be expressed of the same passage and different applications suggested for personal circumstances. Accepting certain abuses from your enemies may lead to changes of hearts. Jesus’ did. Others could rightly determine being passive in certain circumstances enables harmful behavior to create more victims.

God has communicated morally. 

The presence of moral anger hints of a personal external force communicating through our moral intuitions that lead to outrage. How else do we explain a universal desire to treat others like we want to be treated? Nations can establish laws because there is almost universal agreement on stealing, lying, or murdering. Extremists claiming to know God’s voice through a Book don’t acknowledge interpretations can be wrong. Interpretations shouldn’t contradict moral intuitions.    

God’s uncontrolling but supportive nature guides us in non-moral decisions.

What career, job, or partner to pursue in marriage are not moral in nature. Rights are not being violated so there is not just one moral option. Many assume God’s knows the future, but an already determined future makes freedom an illusion. Secondly, a predetermined future implies there is only one “right” choice to make that God should communicate to us.  God is like any good parent when it comes to future, amoral decisions – we are free to make the wisest decision at that time based on our gifts, past experiences, current circumstances, and future aspirations.

But, how can we know if our impressions or thoughts are from God?  

God’s impressions aren’t necessarily specific, dictatorial thoughts. In difficult situations such as whether to divorce or not, God isn’t controlling one’s freedom or the future as if predetermined. Not even God can advise future outcomes. A partner may respond with gratitude for a second change or another chance may simply enable bad behaviors to continue. God is supportive of the wisest decisions we know under current circumstances which may include the counsel of others. God like loving parents seeks through positive influence to inspire making a difference with the gifts and passions we possess.

How does God mainly communicate?

God gives us a sense of morality for our own good, but then sets us free to follow our desires. We are asking what God wants us to do; God is asking what we want to do. God’s will for our life is for all to feel God’s empowerment to do all the good we can, for the all the people we can. During challenging times or when failing, God seeks to encourage us to keep on striving.

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