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I have suggested in previous posts that we cannot know God’s views solely through a Book such as the Bible. Literature is always subject to interpretation, thus why those who revere the Bible disagree on the same passages. No one can claim with certainty their interpretation is God’s. A Creator may also communicate through our moral intuitions which may explain a universal desire to treat others like we want to be treated.

We can avoid moral clashes by not insisting any Book determines morals for all of society.

Extremists typically forms their beliefs according to their interpretations of a Book. They claim their interpretations are God’s but such dogmatism is not justifiable. Terrorists claim a loving God demands belief along with required rituals or be killed. Intuitively, we know admiration is only genuine if freely chosen. Moral intuitions can lead to discussions; interpretations justify control in God’s name.

We must accept that relationships much less nations cannot survive or thrive unless we respective one another rights to have opposing views.

The attitude of “I am right and you are wrong” destroys possibilities of peace and solutions. A democratic society affords us the privilege to vote and accept the majority view. We must protest our view peacefully in hopes of future change. Leadership of opposing views must strongly condemn violence from their followers and encourage lawful means for change.

We can better accept other opinions when distinguishing between personal and moral beliefs.

Nations can establish moral laws because stealing, abusing, or murdering obviously violates one’s personal rights and safety. Beliefs that do not endanger others can be considered personal than moral in nature. Personal relationship decisions do not violate the rights of others. Some condemn gay relationships not because of moral common sense but because they assume a Book condemns such relationships. Passages in the Bible used to condemn homosexuality are highly debatable.

Clashes begin when we insist our beliefs are those supposedly of a Supreme Being.  Christians have no business moralizing to others according to their understanding of a Book. This was hardly the example set by Jesus who represented God. Many beliefs declared moral in nature can be viewed and accepted as personal beliefs when one’s right are not endangered.

Imagine a world where we respected one another’s right to disagree concerning personal beliefs without the fear of violence.

Taxes, health care, etc. are matters to be discussed respectfully and voted upon. Convincing one of the merits of your beliefs are not accomplished through name-calling or belittling. Beliefs that are moral in nature, as opposed to personal, should be obvious to most. Immoral actions in the name of God are often justified despite interpretations of a Book are always debatable.

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