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It is often assumed God magically controlled what was written in the Bible. We know God didn’t verbally dictate all the words written down. We cannot say either that the writers’ impressions of God were always perfect, which can explain many violent actions contributed to a non-evil God. Would God ever really command in war killing boys and non-virgin women but sparing virgins (Num. 31:18)? God began a relationship with a nation not to control but to influence for their best interest. Forced love isn’t genuine or likely to last.

God continually communicates and attempts to persuade us away from evil and toward correct views of God. Writers after the OT laws were recorded wrote that God doesn’t like animal sacrifices but contrite hearts (Ps. 51:16-17). OT writers were surely influenced by surrounding cultures where it was sacrilegious to not speak of God being all-powerful and controlling, thus contributing violent warfare actions to God.    

Immoral actions in the name of God are justified when not understanding God’s view of morality can’t solely come from a Book such as the Bible or Koran.

Literature is always subject to human interpretation, thus why biblical scholars frequently disagree on the meaning of the same passage. We can determine what God is really like and good from evil from common universal moral intuitions as well, then claiming our interpretation is God’s. Moral intuitions differences more likely can lead to discussions; interpretation differences frequently lead to control because supposedly such understandings are the voice of God. 

Souls and family are destroyed when not understanding interpretations are debatable.

Ever moral fiber in a parent’s body doesn’t wish to condemn their child for feelings they can no more control toward those of the same sex than heterosexuals can control their feelings toward the opposite sex. Biblical passages that condemn homosexuality are highly debatable which should lead us to listen to our moral senses. God surely supports all loving, consensual, caring relationships to avoid heart-break. Family members and friends no longer need to be broken-hearted by thinking their devotion to God requires them to reject their loved ones.

People rightly reject God when assuming violent portrayals of God are true.

Many suggest God’s actions are contrary to morally accepting behaviors. Scriptures claiming God is not evil is nonsensical if evil sometimes is good. How can many have a relationship must less understand a God who created us to know and hate evil, but engages in evil themselves? We must err on the side of God that seems morally correct to most, to not turn people away from God for the wrong reasons.

Reject false portrayals of God.

Writers of the OT grew in their knowledge and understanding of God as we are. It is not God’s nature to perform a lobotomy and control writers’ views of God, even if such views were influenced more by culture than reality. The Bible is still valuable as it lets us know God seeks a relationship with all individuals in all nations that accumulated in the life of Jesus. Would you desire to pursue God and spirituality more if you knew God was the kind of God you imagine according to how they have created you?


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