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⇒A God who is not evil must be morally perfect
⇒A morally perfect God is worth believing in for help

Most sense and expect a Creator or Supreme Being to be perfect to claim to be God.

Many rightly reject one’s God if their interpretations portray God as not being perfect but sometimes evil according to our moral senses. In fact, some declare their interpretations as a mystery or beyond human comprehension because their views of God clash with their own moral expectations. A God who is evil is not worth believing in. The God of the Bible agrees: “Be perfect, therefore as your heavenly Father is perfect” (Mt. 5:48).

God must be morally perfect humanly-speaking if perfect.

How can God ask us to be perfect unless we know what perfection is? Don’t we often have expectations of perfection in relationships by feelings we “ought” to have acted differently? Who doesn’t wish they always treated others exactly how they wish to be treated. Why is it we can agree on major characteristics of a morally perfect friend, parent, or God? Such moral intuitions can be how a Creator communicates to us what is good. God and human perfection are one in the same.

It matters that God has communicated morality through intuitions than just a Book. 

God’s view of morality can’t be declared solely from a Book such as the Bible or Koran, as literature is always subject to interpretations. Biblical scholars frequently disagree on the meaning of the same passage. If one’s understanding contradicts moral intuitions, something must be up. For example, certain OT laws are intuitively immoral. It is likely God did not impose their will in making of the laws. Some laws may have resulted from cultural influence. God is always seeking to persuade but not control.

Obviously, moral intuitions clash in distinguishing good from evil.

There seems to be universal agreement on most moral matters. Nations can establish laws because most agree it is wrong to steal, murder, lie, or commit adultery. Even terrorists demand such protections for themselves. But, insisting on interpretations of the Bible or Koran opposed to universal moral intuitions leads to justifying immoral actions. Moral intuitions differences can lead to discussions; interpretations lead to control in God’s name. Only extremists, according to interpretations from a Book, assume genuine beliefs aren’t freely chosen. If God was an enforcer of beliefs as terrorists claim, why hasn’t God intervened much more with evil in the world?

So what, that God is morally perfect humanly-speaking!

Every moral fiber in our body thinks a loving God can’t condemn gays when they can no more choose who they love than straights can. Parents and others often only condemn homosexuals against their intuitions because of supposed correct interpretations of a Book. Ever moral fiber in our body tells us traditional understandings of Hell are likely mistranslations of certain Hebrew and Greek words. Reject unloving portrayals of God. God is like the God we all hope for – morally perfect humanly-speaking. God seeks to inspire and motivate us to the same kind of being. That is what earthly, loving parents do, much less a heavenly, loving Parent! 


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