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√A good God by nature supports all loving, caring relationships
√Literature is interpretation; don’t assume the Bible condemns gay relationship

I have suggested in this series if there is a Creator, it is very plausible they have communicated clearly through universal moral intuitions. How else do we explain a universal desire to treat others like we want to be treated or our sense of ought or guilt? How do we know it is wrong to steal, murder, lie, or commit adultery? It is suspect a loving God only communicates what is good according to a Book such as the Bible. Literature is always subject to misinterpretation. The Bible in fact says that God didn’t promise to leave a Book but their Spirit to guide when Jesus’ person left this earth (Jn. 14:16). 

Most parents’ hearts break when they think their devotion to God requires them to give their child some version of “love the sinner, hate the sin” speech. Our moral intuitions tell most that God is not bias against females, people of color, or gays.

You don’t have to be gay to understand one can no more control their feelings toward those of the same sex than you can control your feelings toward the opposite sex. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t feel natural to you. You aren’t gay. Biblical scholars disagree on interpretations on this matter in the Bible so we mustn’t claim the Bible condemns gay relationships. If unconvinced God doesn’t condemn gay people, I would encourage you to accept one’s sexual orientation as personal between them and their Creator. 

We should look briefly at the main Bible passages used to condemn homosexuality. Seven main biblical passages are used to condemn homosexuals.

Who doesn’t condemn homosexual acts mentioned in the Bible involving violence such as rape (Sodom and Gomorrah in Gen 19; Judges 19:22)! We can’t be sure why and what sexual acts are condemned in Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13, but if these two verses are used to condemn gays then why don’t we apply the laws that advocate the death penalty for cursing parents (20:2), witchcraft (20:27), or sex with an animal (20:15). We must look for clearer passages if we are going to use the Bible to condemn homosexuality.

Romans 1 condemns homosexuality activities, or any sexual activities for that matter, devoid of fidelity or love (v. 31). The writer surely didn’t have in mind consensual, loving, monogamous, gay relationships. When Romans was written it was common for masters to be involved in sexual acts with their slaves or men having sex with younger boys. Who doesn’t condemn abusive, controlling, unequal, relationships!

Finally, there are two obscure Greek words translated as homosexuality in I Corinthians 6:9 and I Timothy 1:10. Scholars debate if homosexual or what type of sexual relationships the writer has in mind (David P. Gushee, Changing Our Mind, Chapter 13). Other sins listed are seldom used to threaten Hell (i.e. adulterers, thieves, drunkards, slanders, or the greedy). These passages should not be used to condemn consensual, loving same-sex relationships.

Even if claimed truth is only determinable according to the Bible, interpretations that condemn homosexuality are highly debatable.

What does your heart tell you to feel and say when asked if you condemn them because of their love for someone of the same sex? Gay people don’t feel they have a choice to love any other way. The church should be slow to condemn faithful relationships when half their relationships divorce.

God doesn’t favor according to gender, race, or sexuality because every moral fiber in my bones tell me so. That is just the way God made us.

The only reason I might think otherwise is because I think a Book from God argues otherwise. A good God is only capable of perfect love. The Bible encourages loving, consensual, caring relationships to avoid heart-break. Any sexual behaviors that are abusive, unequal, controlling, mindless, selfish engagements, as opposed to consensual monogamous relationships, are wrong to any rational human being.

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