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✓God is morally perfect humanly-speaking
✓Does your view of God lead to making God less or more of your life

I have suggested in this series if there is a Creator, they have communicated clearly through universal moral intuitions. God’s morals must be the same as perfect human morals. God can’t claim to not be evil unless God’s morals are the same as a perfect, loving parent. We may not agree what a perfect parent or God would do in each situation, but we may agree on many attributes.

God and loving parents are uncontrolling.

A God powerful enough to create obviously respects freedom because of not interfering in all the evil that is present in our world. Every instinct in me when raising children wanted to control their decisions when counter to my own. “Don’t you understand I have your best interest in mind!” But, I came to understand choices must come from within to be genuine and last.

God doesn’t control our moral or our amoral decisions. I understood it was my child’s decision who they chose as a partner, what career they wish to pursue, etc. God hasn’t mapped out what decisions you must make in the future. God advises morality through their example, but in amoral decisions God encourages pursuing our dreams with the gifts we have. Parents sometime need to accept God tugging on their heart to quit controlling their children.

A perfect God or parent never advises for self-interests reasons or how it makes them look, as opposed to what is in the best interest of who they love.

A perfect parent doesn’t utter the words “because I said so” because they are more concerned how certain actions will make them look. God only warns against immoral actions because of their consequences, which any loving parent would do. God’s always has our back. God only ask for faithfulness because trusting God is loving others to the fullest.

God can’t encourage us to be like God unless they are morally perfect and give us knowledge how to emulate.  

No loving parent lies, steals, or doesn’t always act in the best interests of others. We all have such moral intuitions, seemingly communicated by our Creator. Passages in the OT that suggest God encourages unnecessary violence must be the writer’s understanding of God at that time in their spiritual journey. But, no one is a true passivist as only coward don’t protect their family against those who intend to do harm. God surely seeks peace than war when possible.

A perfect God or parent is quick to forgive and begin anew.

A parent’s constant or subtle disfavor because of mistakes robs us of the encouragement we need. Why then would gloomy uncertainty as to God’s favor help us to conquer battles against self-centeredness or long-standing habitual sins in our life? God gladly provides relief from guilt so we don’t loss hope. Parents who truly forgive avoid the temptation to remind their children of their failures, as if they need reminding. All parents know what “piling on” means.

God is likely more the kind of God you imagined would be true of a loving God. Don’t let misunderstandings keep you from pursuing more of a spiritual life with the help and encouragement of your Creator.

  • What if God isn’t homophobic, even according to the Bible, who doesn’t say stuff like “love you, hate your behavior?”
  • What if God only encourages loving others without any hidden agenda to convert them?
  • What if the traditional understanding of Hell doesn’t exist. Like God is going to sadistically torture people forever for their beliefs while here on earth a brief time!
  • What if God and the Bible don’t advocate gender bias in male/female roles? Roles and responsibilities are best determined according to one’s gifts not their gender.
  • What if God doesn’t have hoops to jump through to have a relationship such as going to church or abiding by certain religious rituals or beliefs?
  • What if some plausible explanations exist as to how a good God and evil and suffering can co-exist? Even God can’t necessarily control freedom if they are to create true freedom.

I can only speak from personal experience. I don’t consider myself a bad person but I am absolutely convinced I am less selfish and a better husband, father, and friend because of my relationship with God. I feel God’s constant acceptance and encouragement to be less unselfish, despite my failures.

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