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I was reading that the majority of people may actually believe in a God or Supreme Being as opposed to not believe in such a Deity. I have thought for years my purpose for writing wasn’t to convince people there is a God but to convince them that God may not be as represented by others. We may be rejecting God for the wrong reasons. If God desires a relationship with each person, individuals with God can best decide what God is like.

Believing in God doesn’t mean you have to accept the Bible hook line and sinker.

Some Old Testament passages may suggest to you that God advocated genocide. I believe there are possible alternative interpretations, but we have every right to believe God’s views were either misunderstood or misrepresented by the writers. You may feel the OT is just too complicated or not all that relevant. Such views of the Bible don’t mean you don’t believe in God.

Believing in God doesn’t mean you don’t have doubts at times whether God really exist.

We can’t really prove anything that is invisible or not observable. Faith isn’t avoidable in life. We can’t really prove God exists or doesn’t exist. Faith is required for either belief. Having doubts about what you believe about God doesn’t mean you don’t believe in God.

Believing in God doesn’t mean you aren’t so sure whether there is life after death.

You hope Heaven is real and allows an opportunity to be reunited with loved ones. Why can’t we hope for second chance encounters to be reunited with our loved ones, who couldn’t accept all this God-stuff on earth though they lived out the message of God as much as anyone? Having doubts about anything doesn’t mean you don’t or can’t believe in a God.

Believing in God doesn’t mean you don’t question how good God really is because of all the evil in the world.

The problem of evil is a main reason some don’t believe or accept God. If God is powerful enough to create, surely God could stop at least some evils that obviously serve no good purpose. Any good parent prevents such evils if they can. There may be explanations as to why God’s love must be influential but not coercive to remain moral and honor freedom. You can still believe in God while hoping one day God can explain your challenges to your satisfaction.

You may have heard the devil believes in God but that isn’t good enough for God. The Devil in the Bible didn’t doubt that God existed.

The Devil thought they knew more than God about good and evil. Guess what! The Creator may know more than we do about true freedom. Freedom must have limits if you aren’t the only person living in this world.

God doesn’t have a litmus test of beliefs to be accepted.

Now, your parents may still love you but any kind of relationship isn’t possible if you think your freedom entitles you to treat others like dirt all the time, but I doubt you would be reading this. It may be worthwhile not listening to how others describe God. If convinced there is a Supreme Being, a Creator, figure out God on your own with God. I doubt you will regret pursuing more of a connection with your Creator any more than regretting having more of a connection with your partner, children, or friends.


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