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When I coached my children’s sports team I imagine my enthusiasm was misunderstood. Appearances may have seemed as if I didn’t care the most children having fun and feeling good about themselves. I definitely could have done some things different, but appearances aren’t what they always seem. God may appear at first glance to always be angry or quick to take offense and the assumption may be that God is responding only because of being disrespected.

Skepticism about God is understandable.

God’s response to evil was severe at times – destroying humankind by flood, advising the Israel army to destroy all including women and children during times of war. Terrorists can shine a different light on evil and how taking innocent lives is not always avoidable. Terrorists use women and children for shields. God didn’t revel in having to take strong actions during certain times in history, but evil is complicated and certain actions are often necessary to save future generations.

God’s angry wasn’t simply because God was offended or only cared about their reputation.

Obedience sometimes has to be the focus for the safety of others. Without laws there is chaos. Tough love is often just another side of one’s true nature which is love. God and parents much prefer the focus be on enjoying relationships and supporting and encouraging the pursuit of one’s dreams. God desperately sought to forgive and give people changes when seeking help.

The main myth about God reinforced by religion is that God cares more about obedience than a relationship.

We all are familiar with parents who seem more concerned with being in control and how they appear to others. A meaningful bond with our parents, not fear, is what leads to lasting changes of the heart. A fear-based and punitive God has been a misguided attempt to control behaviors and produce unselfishness.

God desires a relationship based on mutual respect than a demanding presence.

Obedience, which can be in one’s best interest, is not taught but caught when you get to know who God really is. We often don’t recognize about God that a full understanding of the depth of God’s love for us is what leads to life transformations. Has gloomy uncertainty as to God’s favor conquered your battles against self-centeredness or long-standing habitual sins? God’s or parents’ continual encouragement and mercy are what lead to eventual changes.

A deeper bond with our Creator is what really transforms us into the kind of person we want to be.

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