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The Bible can be used to defend almost any point of view. When we are attempting to discern a writer’s meaning or guidance when written long ago, we have to take into account context and often what a writer doesn’t say. One may say to their audience “don’t judge others.” The reader later must understand what the audience knew – what was not spoken. All know legal authorities must make judgments of right and wrong and individuals in relationships when in harm’s way.

Some stories hardly inspire due to violent actions credited to God. It is possible that God did not interfere with the freedom of a writer to misrepresent God’s views in some of the stories. It is also possible that the Israelites understood God’s unspoken word was to spare lives if possible when war was necessary to protect oneself against attack. God always preferred the Israelites live in peace with other nations. Also, many OT nations sacrificed their children to appease their gods. If our next door neighbor believes in child sacrifice, should we do nothing? Should nations always stand by when tyrants and terrorists commit horrible monstrosities against their citizens?

The Bible was never meant to be an idol for worship. 

Besides, there are no certainties in interpretations. Some suggest women are always to be silent in the church (I Cor. 14:34). Many rightly interpret in my opinion that the writer suggests silence sometimes is necessary to maintain peace. Peace is sometimes more important than defending one’s rights in certain situations. This doesn’t mean we can’t strive for eventual equality in appropriate ways.

Trusting our hearts doesn’t mean everyone’s opinion is correct.

We know certain interpretations are wrong when opinions violate the rights of others to believe as they choose. The main message of the Bible is clear. Consider one another’s opinion gracefully if they don’t violate the freedom of others. The Bible can confirm characteristics of a Creator that might not always be intuitive. Religious leaders of Jesus’ day taught obeying certain rules were necessary to be accepted by God. Jesus protested by teaching God’s love is a given just as any loving parent. The Bible was God’s attempt to communicate to as many people as possibly what God is really like while not condemning those who misunderstand it or never had a chance to read it.

If we choose to believe that there is a God, God will guide you in your journey in discovering who God is. 

The Bible was intended as a story, not a rules book, expressing God’s desire for a relationship with those God created. We mustn’t pick and choose certain sentences out of context to prove a point. If there are certain characteristics of God claimed by others that you just don’t buy, reject it! Don’t allow others’ understanding to keep you from exploring your own views. Faith in something that cannot be seen always involves intuitions of the heart.



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