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I understand why people are turned off about God or religion. You may have friends that mean well but seem to have a hidden agenda to convince you of their beliefs or else. You may think of God based on what others claim to be true of God. Does God really condemn committed, homosexual love? I still believe there are many good reasons why others are turned off by religion. But, honestly there is really no good reason to not pursue spirituality.

Being spiritual isn’t necessarily being religious.

Almost all religions, except extremists who don’t believe in freedom of personal beliefs, agree on what spirituality is. All the great religious leaders would surely agree the main message is to love others like you want to be loved. Just sometimes the message gets muted because of all the other expectations. Christians may be surprised that this was Jesus’ main message when interacting with individuals. Jesus’ concern wasn’t about avoiding future consequences after death. Jesus’ interactions reveal encouragements and help to act in one’s own interest and the interests of others.

I don’t know anyone that excuses deep down that they shouldn’t treat others like they themselves want to be treated. 

Even in difficult times, I just want others to try to understand, accept, and wait and be open for me to advise how I need help. This is the one expectation that isn’t met with defensiveness. Watch a child lack for words when told they must treat others like they expect to be treated.

It isn’t easy to act spiritual toward one another on a daily basis.

I am convinced this is one main reason God came in person through Jesus to reveal how God seeks to help. When one feels extraordinarily loved they simply want to return that love to others. Businesses transform when the Boss is a true sense of inspiration because of how they treat their employees. Imagine God’s love being the perfect parental love we have always desired from our parents. Some need forgiveness to begin anew. Some need hope that they are important enough to make a difference. What is the most important need you have in your life that God may only be able to fulfill?

The world is only going to change when we strive not to be good enough but to meet our own expectations toward others.

That is all God wants. Consider what a loving God can do for you. What kind of God sees how the world has turned out and doesn’t just say the Hell with it, but instead enters such a world to experience underserved suffering via the Cross to inspire and relate. God’s love is the love we deep down desire to show others consistently. Honestly, we have no right to expect such love from others unless we demonstrate such love toward others.



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