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Many have a view of God that seems more tyrannical than loving. This impacts one’s motivation to seek guidance and support from their Creator. It is often implied that God demands obedience to a set of beliefs or else. This is how a tyrant acts. Tyrants have no interest in a relationship. They demand allegiance because of their thirst for power and control. As a child matures loving parents don’t demand obedience but seek a relationship to enjoy and hopefully convince their love is always in their best interest.

God doesn’t demand obedience but seeks a relationship in hopes to inspire our loving others like God loves us. This is what truly leads to the best of worlds. God, like any loving parent, is opposed to immoral behaviors that violate the rights of others but knows threats of punishment only deter destruction and not inspire true change. A tyrant could care less about your rights and your freedom. They could care less that you will be more of an authentic person when you make choices not out of fear of consequences but because the voice behind such guidance is love.

A tyrant view of God to any degree prevents genuine relationships with one’s Creator which can lead to changes of the heart that last. 

Compliance out of fear at first may lead to peace but fear of getting caught can ebb and flow. How does one continue to persevere and remain encouraged to do the right thing when circumstances are difficult? If scaring the hell out of people was so effective, wouldn’t there be a lot less evil in the world, and wouldn’t church people look a lot more moral than they do currently compared to non-churchgoers?

A false view of God can have greater consequences for those prone to greater degrees of evil.  

This is a bit controversial so I only throw it out as food for thought. Some portray certain views of God because they believe it inspires good behavior. Is it more important to fear God than understands God’s love? Perfect love has no fear as fear isn’t relational but only meant to warn. Even those who are more inclined to horrific acts of evil may have a sense of what a truly loving God should be like. It is they who most need hope that God is a Lover and not a Tyrant. A Tyrant God may lead some away from evil, but one more inclined to horrific acts of evil are desperately in need of a God of hope. A tyrant God who gets their way by force only inspires humans who seek to get their way by control or force. Some must know there is a God who is what even they imagine would be true of a loving God

I am not excusing one for making evil choices. I know there are degrees of evil. There are verbal outbursts of anger and then there are physical outbursts of anger. I understand people are responsible for their actions whatever the severity of their evil actions. But, one who displays greater acts of evil may feel the most hopeless and be in need of the most inspiration. It is these individuals that can only possibly be inspired by a loving God than a tyrant God. Evil people know a tyrant God is hopeless. They really have nothing to live for.

The view of God that we tell others about is critical for all, but possibly even more critical for those more prone to greater acts of evil. 

Our interpretations of God according to the Bible are so important. Some understand certain biblical views are not of a loving God so they play the mystery card to explain God’s behavior. They suggest we can’t understand why God acts hypocritical but isn’t a hypocrite, since they defend God not abiding by perfect human morals. But, the Bible or any Book was never meant to replace one listening to God through a relationship. We all long for a loving God and know in our hearts such a God is not a Tyrant!


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