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One striving to be more spiritual-minded might reflect from time to time how to be more the person they desire to be deep down. One way for me to reflect on what God may really be like, which can inspire, is reviewing Posts/Reflections I have written in the last month:

  • If you grew up going to church you may have heard about a set of beliefs necessary for God to accept one into Heaven. No such beliefs exist. We don’t have to worry about finding the right church. Jesus didn’t talk about some prayer to get a “free pass” out of Hell; Jesus talked about how we can experience true freedom on earth by loving others like we would want to be loved if in their shoes. Jesus wanted us to know how much God loves and forgives us in hopes that may inspire and encourage reflecting such love back onto others.
  • What do we possible say to others who are worried that they might not be reunited with their loved one? Can we give hope for those who possibly didn’t talk much about God in this life or say a magical prayer to be accepted by God, but didn’t live like the Devil? Jesus encouraged living life lovingly to make meeting God in the future a more joyful occasion. God doesn’t stop forgiving or giving second changes after one’s last breath. God will melt away any untrue thinking about God so we can decide if we wish to spend eternity with God. I think most will accept the invitation except the Devil.
  • I am always writing about views of God and if such views inspire or not hanging out more with God as we strive to be a more spiritual person. I defend God in hopes it may challenges any views of God that hinder seeking comfort and support from our Creator. God’s love and perfect, human love are one in the same. I am more motivated to follow those who “walk the talk.” God is not an angry, egomaniacal, sexist, torturing, homophobic, hypocritical God.
  • God seeks justice not to pay a price but in hopes to restore. Jesus didn’t die to placate a blood-thirsty God who murdered their child to have their honor restored. Soldiers die for one another for causes they believe deeply in. Jesus died to convince us of God’s incredible love so we might let God empower us to reflect such love onto others. No punishment returns robbed memories because of sexual abuse or murder. True justice is being forced to understand your victim’s pain and accept the harmfulness of your actions. After death God may bring to memory every action of betrayal and how it felt to their victims. The cleansing and educative effect may take longer for some than others. Justice can’t always be on earth what it will like in heaven but we can strive to restore than just punish.
  • Finally, I still believe the Bible is inspirational and reveals a lot about God, but it cannot be proved that a biblical writer didn’t at times record their own views of God rather than what God wanted. God’s uncontrolling love certainly can allow this to happen. Giving the Bible almost supernatural qualities can lead to worshipping a Book and not who the Book is about. Genesis may be a literal historical account or allegory to convey important spiritual truths. Reading the Bible is discerning spiritual truths applicable to our circumstances. The Bible was never to replace one’s relationship with God for comfort and guidance.

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