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Many find it reasonable to believe there is a God, a Creator, or a Supreme Being greater than them. The advantage of a belief in an invisible God is to believe there is a definitive source for wisdom in how one ought to live this life. Most who believe in a God believe in God’s inherent goodness. Many though aren’t sure that God exists but they don’t believe in doing whatever the hell they want. Most rational beings believe there are moral and immoral decisions.

There are some advantages in believing in a Creator or taking a leap of faith if on the fence. It is typically believed a creator or designer should know what is best for what they have created or designed. A designer of a car can provide the best instructions of what is best for the car to enable it to run smoothly. A Creator of human beings can be a source of wisdom in advising what decisions are in one’s best interests and those they interact with.

Some sense that there is a God but have a hard time believing in a God of others’ understandings. Why would a loving God send people for unbelief to a place where kept alive forever to burn and suffer for their decisions on earth. Not even imperfect moral beings would torture their enemies forever. Views of God suggested according to the Bible are subject to interpretation, and we can’t ask the writer for clarification of their meaning. Human reasoning is always a part of the understanding process. Many agree what a caring a rational and loving God would be like except for religious extremists. Don’t let others’ views of God keep you from wanting to get closer to God. Think for yourself.

A belief in God can lead to comfort in suffering. Many are able to accept that freedom accounts for the majority of evil and that a controlling, loving parent is an oxymoron. Some in suffering are comforted in the belief that there will be no suffering in life after death and they will be reunited with loved ones. Even if someone didn’t believe in God on earth or couldn’t wrap their heads around a relationship with such a Being, I suspect a loving God gives all a second change after death. Wouldn’t you as a parent?

But, what if there is no God, no afterlife, that it is all a lie? Do you think self-centeredness is justifiable and leads to true happiness and freedom on this earth? God simply encourages and seeks to support leading an unselfish life. What have you lost going the extra mile in relationships by forgiving those who regret their actions except healing. What have you lost leaning on a perfect God’s love except support and comfort. What have you lost by treating others like you want to be treated except regrets. I can’t prove to you that God is real though I am convinced God will reveal themselves to you if you desire such a relationship.

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