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One might think a Creator would at least insist that the created believe in who they were created by. After all, the Creator didn’t see anyone else around in the beginning. A Creator who has in mind the best interest of the created surely insists on some kind of allegiance. But, is God less loving than a parent who understands forcing or insisting their children accept them never leads to true intimacy and happiness. God has always believed in the freedom to choose. A loving God, unlike religious extremists, isn’t capable of insisting on acceptance or be killed.  

God in person was the same way. Jesus when encountering people never insisted that others believe He was the Messiah. He had reasons to not reveal His identify at times for His own protection, but one doesn’t get the impression Jesus thought “accept me or be damned.” Jesus even accepted the misbelief of His closest friends – His disciples. Jesus warned people of their selfish behavior but Jesus didn’t heal people if only they promised continued belief or change.  

Jesus certainly wasn’t dogmatic about certain beliefs claimed to be biblical. God never inspired anyone to write that women shouldn’t have the same freedoms as men. Women didn’t have the same privileges of learning in the synagogue as the men, but that wasn’t God’s doing. God didn’t create a patriarchal relationship with the first couple. That is on man in the generations to come. The Apostle Paul, who wrote most of the New Testament, actually taught mutual dependence and that women shouldn’t demand to teach men in gatherings if men’s egos couldn’t handle it. Peace sometimes is more important than agendas. 

God wasn’t dogmatic about going to church. The religious in biblical times were told in no uncertain terms that their ideas when gathering to supposedly worship the Creator were all screwed up. They acted as if religion was more about being served than serving. The religion leaders assumed laws were to restrict than free. They acted as if God thought on one day of the week one shouldn’t lift a finger to help others in the name of rest. God doesn’t have a litmus test of sacred beliefs that religious types are always claiming. 

God was dogmatic about one thing only and we are the same when it comes to relationships. God only insisted on loving others as yourself which is in the interest of all. Forgiving those who regret their behavior is a path to healing. A self-centered life not only hurts those you love but yourself as well. Entering marriage without a life time commitment isn’t fair to children. But even then Jesus came to assure that our Creator loves and continually forgives so we might not give up doing good and shunning evil.


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