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I don’t think there is a definitive answer to the question posed but I can suggest some possible reasons why people are less inclined to discuss their spirituality as they might their physical health. Most religious leaders define spirituality as loving others like you want to be loved. Jesus, who sparked Christianity, made this His central message. The majority of people believe in a God and the value of loving their neighbor like they want to be loved. Few friends, whether they believe in a Creator or not, defend self-centered living that violates the rights of others.

The first challenge in getting more to think about and discuss their spirituality is not insisting on defining spirituality based on certain beliefs about God or a God. Often, we never get to “so how should we live” because of debates about beliefs. It is true actions flow from beliefs but beliefs should not excuse lack of spirituality or selfishness. If there is a Creator, such a Creator is capable of making themselves known to individuals. It is easier for some to believe in an invisible God than others. It is suspect that the Christian God insists on belief of the God of the Bible when the majority of people born had no written knowledge of such a God.

Spiritual minded people must avoid hidden agendas such as converting others to their religion or beliefs. People don’t need to be converted; people need to be encouraged to have conversations how to love in their relationships. Again, God if they exist can draw anyone to themselves if so desired. People will let you know if they are interested in what inspires you. Jesus’ only agenda was to convince people to listen to their heart. God-folks especially must be open to considering other opinions gracefully, so one can work out their own convictions. People feel manipulated rather than loved when spiritual folks engage other than for friendship or desires to help one how they wished to be helped.

People may be less spiritually inclined because they have heard the God of the Bible is gender bias or homophobic. God never approved of patriarchalism. God never approved of women being dependent on men in a way men shouldn’t be dependent on women. The Bible doesn’t speak about same sex relationships that are exclusively committed to loving one another. The Bible does speak to different sex couples who take the marriage commitment lightly and think partners can be traded in for supposed better versions. Please don’t use others’ view of God as an excuse to not determine who you think God really is. Views of God of the Bible are subject to interpretation and the writers aren’t available for further clarification.

Do not confuse being spiritual as being the same as religious. Religion has been high jacked and has become more about being served than serving. Do not associate spirituality with certain debatable view of God and certainly not with going to religious services. Being spiritual isn’t being Catholic, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Mormon, etc. Find people who encourage one another in striving continually to love others as well as going the extra mile in relationships. Change only happens sometimes when spiritual minded folks take the first step. Look for people who can help in handling personal disappointments along your journey.

Do you agree that the world needs a lot more people who discuss and become more spiritual by loving others as they want to be loved? Make being spiritual a constant endeavor and know how to get back on track when discouraged. My view of God’s love for me does this for me. Identify any problems, such as certain views of God that may be erroneous, in making spirituality more of a focus in your life. Honestly, I don’t think there are any legitimate excuses for being self-centered. I am convinced becoming more spiritual bring peace of mind and is essential for a better world.

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