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My refusal to define spirituality in “God” terms will upset some. I don’t know why it is easier for me to believe in an invisible God than others. I know it isn’t because of moral superiority because others who don’t spend as much time thinking about God treat others a hell of a lot better than I do at times. Maybe you believe in God but have heard God is gender bias or homophobic and use this as an excuse to not be as introspective about your spiritual life as much as your physical or emotional health. Keep in mind though views of God of the Bible are subject to interpretation and the writer is not available for further clarification. 

Jesus and most of the great religious leaders define spirituality as treating others like you want to be treated, which the world is in desperate need of. Reality also insists we must consider when we or others don’t act lovable. Change only happens sometimes when we take the first step or go the extra mile. Relationships thrive more when we have a focus to love others like we want to be loved and a plan for how we will handle disappointments.

It may surprise many of the Christian faith that when Jesus was asked how to obtain eternal life, He simply said to love God and love others as yourself (Lk.10:25-27). Jesus didn’t attach any other necessary requirements, and Jesus didn’t have in mind perfection or God is going to be mighty lonely. Jesus said love God because loving God is being empowered to love others to the fullest. Few object to the notion of treating others like you want to be treated, so we must have discussions without all the trappings of supposed sacred beliefs. It is suspect that a loving God insists all believe in the Christian God when the majority of people born have lived and died without any knowledge of the Bible or who Jesus was.

Being spiritual and being a law-abiding citizen aren’t the same. Laws can’t legislate matters of the heart to address the realities of our world. The Law can tell us amends are necessary when wronged, but the Law can’t tell you to forgive that which can never be returned such as one’s reputation. The Law can require we not speed excessively by a car, but the law can’t tell us what to do when one is stranded in their car. We need friends to sometimes not respond in like-manner because we are reacting to the pain we are in. Striving to be just good enough isn’t enough in a broken world.

I will put in a plug for God if you think it is possible God was here in the beginning and created. I have messed up in my relationships, but God has influenced me on the importance of confessing, taking responsibility and making amends as best I could. I am not quite sure how to explain but a relationship with God, who loves and forgives us, can inspire us to act the same toward others, to not give up being an encourager than discourager, to not give up doing good and shunning evil. Some may feel there is no way a God could love and forgive what you have done in your past. I believe God never gives up on people. 

You don’t think you are spiritual? Why the heck are you reading this! Develop your focus on striving to be more spiritual. Define it, strive for it, and know how to get back on track when discouraged. My view of God’s love for me does this for me. You may need to remove the problems that keep you from making spirituality more of a focus in your life. Spirituality is not whether you go to church or not, whether you believe what other people believe about God, it is loving others. Honestly, I don’t think there are any legitimate excuses for being self-centered. I am convinced becoming more spiritually focused is essential for a better world.

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