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The truth is spiritual-minded folks can do more harm than good when telling others about God. In our world today it is important to distinguish the god of religious extremists from the God of the Bible. The God of the Bible surely is not like the God of terrorists who supposedly thinks that imposing upon or destroying freedom of beliefs results in true love. God invites one into a relationship rather than demanding obedience in hopes of changing the world for good.

Jesus in His interactions did not insist in belief or else. When the religious wanted to stone a woman for adultery, Jesus got the crowd to look in the mirror and told the woman “go now, and leave your life of sin” (John 8). C’mon! Didn’t Jesus have a better evangelical spiel in case He never saw the woman again? Jesus interacted with other naturally in a loving way. Of course Jesus knew His ways bring true joy in the long run. Jesus didn’t demand saying some prayer as if one’s final destination depended on it. If friends are engaging in immoral actions, we too might suggest they stop because they are only hurting themselves and those they love.

If people do want to talk about God and what Jesus believed, Jesus summed up all He stood for by advising to treat others like you want to be treated (Mt. 7:12). Mark records Jesus’ main message is simply to love God and love others as yourself (12:28-34). Least you think God is egotistical, loving God is loving ourselves and others like we want to be loved. Jesus interacted with others as if obedience is caught not taught. Once you come to know who God truly is, such a friendship can empower one to shun evil and do good.

It may be obvious for those not weighed down by misbeliefs about God that loving others and hopefully receiving love back is the purpose of relationships. Who thinks when getting with friends one should have a hidden agenda! I love taking about God with others. It is like asking me to play tennis. Anytime, anywhere! I believe knowing who God truly is can be life transforming and helpful in a chaotic world. Such discussions should never be forced. And don’t be so self-righteous. Many of us god-folks are put to shame by those less spiritual-minded when it comes to how we treat others. God simply wishes to be a part of one’s life if they desire or need to feel more connected with their Creator.

It’s nice to be able to be with friends without feeling there has to be a hidden agenda to save their soul. Years ago I tried to give one friend a church bulletin to attend church. They had never expressed such a need. The relationship was never the same. I recently was talking to a friend about God as it came up naturally. When I was much younger I felt compelled to talk about God regardless if there was an invitation. Friendships are damaged unless the agenda is to be a loving friend. If people wanted nothing to do with God, a friend respects that.

Jesus confronted the religious for their hypocrisy because they were claiming to know what God was like. Otherwise, Jesus simply loved others as they wanted to be loved. That is what friends do. The only reason I want to discuss God with others when they want is because I treasure my relationship with God. When you read a good book or see a good movie, you want to share that with others. When others are searching spiritual matters or looking for more of a relationship with their Creator, any time any place. I love doing that!


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