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God speaking to us audible could leave us compelled to obey rather than free to love a God in our own time and on our own terms. People may come to believe in God for the wrong reasons when awestruck. If God doesn’t speak to us, how do we know when our thoughts are God’s? God clearly doesn’t speak audibly to most people, no matter how spiritual they may be. We don’t have to wonder whether to kill, gossip, etc. Jesus’ main message to love others like you want to be loved is intuitive. Lack of certainty in non-moral decisions though may not be bad news when understanding freedom.

It is important to understand why God created and continues to value freedom when making a multiple of decisions on a daily basis. Only terrorists think controlling or destroying free decisions results in true love. Without freedom we could accuse God of not creating the very best world where only true, authentic relationships can develop. If freedom and determinism were compatible, then a loving God would have created a world in which all persons freely did only good at all times. Even human parents bring children into the world desiring their children freely reciprocate their love as opposed to being forced.

It may matter what one thinks about God and the future. It is not heresy to ask if God knows the future if the future is open and unknowable. God certainly knows what they are going to do in the future. Many prefer to believe God knows the future for feelings of security that God already knows what is going to happen and how they will respond. Some prefer to believe God doesn’t know the future because it empowers them to relate to a God that doesn’t have to control to be in control. Many feel if God already knows what someone is going to do, we are not truly free to do anything different. Even a loving God cannot create life, impossible to exist without death, violence, suffering, and struggle and yet there be genuine free will.

Why does it matter if God knows my future when it comes to recognizing God’s voice? If God knows the future, one may logically think God has a specific will or path for their lives. We may fear we will end up with God’s second best. Since God does not speak audible to most of us and one can never know for sure if an impression is from God, this can lead to confusion or anger with God. Authors speak about God guiding us through whispers and signs but this leads to more guess work and discouragement. If the future is open, we do not have to search for God’s Holy Grail in what decisions to make. We are truly free to dream and pursue our aspirations to make for a better world which is both God’s and our desire deep down.

God’s will is accomplished by doing all the good we can, in all the places we can, at all the times we can, to all the people we can, as long as we can. Many paths can be chosen if the future is open. We just can’t go wrong with a desire to love God who always has our best interest in mind. Are you wondering whether to take certain relationship risks or take a different path than you are traveling? Take risks and attempt great things for God and know God will be with you regardless of the outcome. Don’t live in fear or demand certainty which God cannot guarantee in a free world. Feel empowered to make the wisest decision based on past experiences, current circumstances, and future aspirations. That is freeing!

*If too hard to believe God doesn’t know the future, it can be suggested God knows what is going to happen in the future ahead of time. There doesn’t have to be a specific script for individuals or God hasn’t predetermined our future choices. God can simply know what decisions we are going to make. We still don’t have to angst over God’s supposed specific plan since there are many paths to accomplish God’s will. For example loving parents want their children to make for a better world whatever profession they choose.

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