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Every wonder if God knew that our world was going to end up the way it was, why He created in the first place? Or, why doesn’t God at least stop more suffering if He is going to allow people the freedom to choose right or right? How can a moral God create or allow someone to go to Hell? What is all this talk about God demanding we glorify Him? Isn’t this rather egotistical? How come there aren’t more miracles or does God promise Christians richness or health? If so, isn’t He failing on the job? According to the Old Testament, isn’t God a warmonger? Claiming Jesus is the only way, does that insult other religions?

Does the Bible say wives are to be subordinate or submissive to their husbands? Is so, isn’t this a concept for abuse? Come on, we know men! We all know if you give many men an inch, they will take a mile. Jesus seemed to encourage one to look to serve, not lead. Is God male? What is the big deal about sex before marriage? Is God a killjoy?  If these kind of questions interest you and you attention span is short, I dare you to go the God’s True Nature Category on this website and open the first link on that page titled Brief Questions and Answers about God’s True Nature and Character. Hopefully, this may lead to more in-depth reading on your own or other articles or books on this website.

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