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God makes no such guarantees or freedom would be a farce. Isn’t it true that many of our problems related to health or finances are either self-induced or in some counties caused by the abuse of power? Wouldn’t God need to interfere with such choices or override freedom to guarantee health and wealth? Because of freedom given by God from the beginning of time, God promises not a life without problems but His presence in this life and the hope of life one day where sin and evil will not prevail. God by allowing freedom could not guarantee we would never experience any problems. A person who believes that all their troubles will be swept away through a relationship with God is left with the logical conclusion that God has failed them. I am not sure what Bible teachers are smoking who teach this nonsense! Why don’t these false teachers take their message to those in extreme poverty or go to hospitals and heal the sick?

We cannot ignore the stories about the lives of the Old Testament prophets, Jesus, Paul, and the apostles. The Bible is abundantly clear that lack of faith is not the reason for physical ailments or economic hardships. God doesn’t promise us an instant escape from our problems. Someone once said: “God does not promise us a panacea, but He does promise us peace in the midst of life’s storms. With God’s peace, we can stand firm in distress, disease, destruction, and even death.”

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