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Being A Dad

It really isn’t rocket science! It is a heck of a lot easier than some jobs, where it takes committees to instigate change. It is never okay to yell at another human being. When we screw up we must say sorry.  We must not take advantage of our position. God doesn’t; what gives us the right? If we are confronted with our immoral behavior, we must take responsibility and do whatever it takes to rebuild trust.

We must treat our kids the way we wish our parents had treated us when younger. When our children are young, we just need to spend time with them. They actually want us to.  We must figure out how to handle their childishness such as temper tantrums in a calm, effective manner. Learn what to discipline and how to discipline. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Quit bringing up stuff already dealt with. We must recognize we Dads do the same wrong stuff more than once, so show a little mercy and grace.

When our kids become teenagers, quite pissing them off. Quit controlling them. We must be real clear in our minds what is moral and take a stand. A lot of stuff we try to control isn’t moral. Teenagers need to start making most of their own decisions. Guide them to do so. They are less rebellious that way. We must not freak when they don’t agree with our opinions. It is a good thing if they feel comfortable disagreeing with us. You and the wife don’t agree on everything. Hopefully, you just work it out without yelling, demanding, and all those other behaviors we men do from time to time.

Do all of this and more and the kids might visit when grown, because there is a relationship.

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