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Evil and suffering could only have been avoided if God had not created at all or at least not given humans the freedom to choose. God understood we might choose to abuse our freedom. That is a risk He took for the possibility of intimacy. Human parents do the same all the time. We bring children into the world hoping they will want to reciprocate our love, but they will have a choice to do otherwise. I don’t think God necessarily knew what choices Adam and Even would make, but He was prepared for every eventuality. God doesn’t stop being God because He doesn’t know a future that hasn’t happened yet. The future is not necessarily fixed in God’s eyes. But, even if God knew ahead of time what choices Adam and Eve would have and the possible ripple effect that would have, I still think from a parental viewpoint that the good with the bad is worth it. God is not going to let a few bad apples spoil the relationships He has with many people such as Billy Graham, Mother Theresa, and millions of others.

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