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There are many things we can’t prove. We can’t prove God exist; we can’t prove God doesn’t exist. We certainly can’t prove that God inspired every word of the Bible, controlling the writers’ thoughts to understand God perfectly. The writers may have been on the same spiritual journey we all are on – discovering what God is really like. Not questioning or reading a Book with an open mind has led to sick and weak minds carrying out immoral acts contrary to common moral sense.

Did God really always inspire what the writers claimed about God?

  • God supposedly would send wild animals to kill the children of the disobedient (Lev. 26:22)
  • God supposedly orders the murder of women, children, infants, and animals in war (I Sam. 15:3)
  • God supposedly ordered killing boys and non-virgin women but sparing virgins for the warriors (Num. 31:18)
  • God supposedly approved rebellious children put to death (Lev. .20:9)
  • God supposedly approves a wife’s hand being cut off when grabbing another man’s genitals (Deut. 25:12)
  • God supposedly insisted on animal sacrifices but later OT writers say God prefers contrite hearts over animal sacrifices (Ps. 51:16-17, i.e. Jer. 7:22, Micah 6:6)

Writers/editors of the Bible didn’t intentionally lie about God but were honest about their understandings of God. We simply don’t possess in other documents the Israelites’ beginnings with a God different from the other gods at that time. The Bible is the main document of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. God didn’t necessarily intend for recordings to not be questioned. These stories are written down for our reading, reflecting, and discovering what God is truly like.

Why it matters how you read the Bible. 

There are contrary biblical interpretations for most major issues. Scholars rightly debate if the Bible condemns monogamous same-sex relationships. Families are destroyed because parents out of devotion to God condemn their child for feelings they can no more control toward those of the same sex than straights can control toward the opposite sex. You have every right to doubt a loving God tortures anyone forever, which serves no lasting purpose, when humans wouldn’t even create a place such as Hell for their worst enemies.

Read the Bible with a questioning and open spirit.  

Those not growing up in church don’t understand all the fuss. Who thinks literature subject to interpretation should be read so dogmatically? We must question interpretations about a loving God that make no moral sense. It only makes intuitive sense that a Creator surely love us and others how we were seemingly created to love others. Even extremists want to be treated with loving kindness. We may not always know what perfect love is, but surely God’s love and perfect human love are the same.

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