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J.D. Myers title WHAT ARE THE SPIRITUAL GIFTS is perfect and delivers in identifying spiritual gifts mentioned in the Bible and how to personally discover your gifts to help others. Those who grew up going to church are very familiar with the topic of spiritual gifts. I would encourage those who didn’t grow up in the church to read as well if wishing God’s help to make a difference in the lives of others through your talents, interests, skills, and abilities.

J.D. Myers greatest insight into this subject may be that God desires to empower us to love and serve not just those in church but those we encounter in all aspects of our life. J.D. explains “the church” in the Bible isn’t referring to a building but individuals seeking to make a difference in the world.

There is a Spiritual Gifts Inventory at the end of the book that many will find very useful. But, don’t overlook Chapter 4 – How Can We Know Our Gifts? The Chapter is easy to read and offers several ideas of how to discern our gifts to help others.

Chapter 5 rightly disputes the notion that some gifts are better than others. That is good for us introverts. Extroverts often get credit, though they don’t need it because others are telling them what a difference they are making. The great news is God loves introverts and extroverts the same. Introverts can make a difference in ways extroverts can’t.

Now, those who grew up going to church want to understand more about gifts such as tongues, prophecy, etc. The book does a great job of discussing whether some gifts no longer exist and how we can understand such gifts.

WHAT ARE YOUR SPIRITUAL GIFTS concludes by encouraging all to embrace their unique gifts. God does! I enjoyed reading J.D.’s personal story about his and his wife’s gifts. Couples can actually enjoy helping others though different and with a fun than critical spirit. Be and accept who you and others are! God would not have it any other way!

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