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 The Synchroblog is where bloggers write on spiritual topics – often different perspectives. This month we were challenged to write on If God-Followers Should Vote Or Not Vote. Links to other articles will be put at end of this Post October 31

The topic we were challenged to write about is close to my heart. I lost a dear friend who disagreed how I voted. In the last election I didn’t like either candidate because of their policies or how they treated others in the heat of politics. My friend suggested that I not vote at all to not lose their respect. I did think one candidate would deal better with major issues such as unemployment and the reality of evil in the world. I could be wrong on the issues of course.

We will only progress as a nation when we are able to agree to disagree respectfully.

Many who will read this blog believe in a Supreme Being. Most believe such a God would encourage treating others like we want to be treated for a more civil, safe, loving world. We have to learn to respond not react over our differences. Most believe we should let family and friends finish their sentences, and we might even politely smile to encourage discussion. We owe all people the respect of listening and not overreacting. Democratic nations have no excuse as we have the privilege to vote on our differences.

We have no right to claim moral superiority over others.

God-followers must not claim moral superiority because of the Bible. The Bible can’t be the definitive guide what God would do because even scholars disagree what God according to the Bible thinks about divorce, gender roles, homosexuality, hell, the afterlife, etc. Most God-followers seem to know physical and emotional violence is wrong, but they seem unaware how they come off morally superior based on their assumptions about the Bible. Being unable to declare the certainty or morality of our opinions forces us to listen and express ideas openly in love, possibly leading to new understandings and creative solutions.

Who doesn’t know physical or emotional violence is wrong?

Why is it not obvious physical violence is off the table not only in personal relationships but in politics as well? Martin Luther King demonstrated change is possible through peaceful protests. Imagine the reaction if a partner assaulted their lover. It is horrendous when people of different color or gender don’t naturally have the same rights, and the privileged must not remain silent.  But, authorities such as police must be obeyed while their actions can be reviewed by outside parties for possible expulsion or criminal charges.

Emotional abuse is just as wrong as physical abuse. President Trump’s family and those under his leadership must call him out for his belittling and name-calling. But, just because someone belittles you is no reason to respond back in like fashion. After all, you condemn such behaviors from your adversary. Politicians must be concerned that those who voted for them and those that didn’t vote for them can be provoked to retaliate against verbosity with physicality. Differences are resolved by respecting the freedom of opinions and committing to growing in understanding.

It should be obvious who to vote for and if you should vote.

Vote for or don’t vote your conscious. Any relationship, whether it be a partner or citizen, must learn and accept being incompatibly content. We owe one another civility when we disagree in both personal and political relationships. Respect one another’s right to make their own decisions. Seek out areas to agree on.

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