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God isn’t hiding or why do so many know the difference from love and hate and good from evil. But, total certainty cannot always exist in a free world, whether the job you take will work out or the person you marry will not leave you. God has given us freedom and desires to empower us to make decisions based on current circumstances and future aspirations.

Biblical certainty has led to forcing “supposed” truths onto others. We cannot argue on moral grounds debatable understandings of God according to some Book. Proclaiming the Bible should be read as an authoritative guide rather than with an open-mind motivated by love has led to justifying slavery or condemning gays in God’s name. God-followers in the name of certainty has led to dogmatism rather open-mindedness and a willingness to grow in understanding.

Uncertainty isn’t necessarily chaotic. Actions violating one’s physical safety are obviously immoral. Two consenting adults choosing to enter a heterosexual or homosexual relationship are not violating anyone’s safety. Political decisions such as health care or taxes do not violate one’s physical rights. Differences in a free world can be resolved by democratic vote than resorting to violence or dogmatism in God’s name.

God not writing on the clouds every morning allows choices in our own time for genuine lasting changes. Differences that divide because God doesn’t drop “words from heaven” can be resolved by respecting the freedom of others as God does. “I may be right, I am be wrong, let’s do this journey together” are attitudes that allow people to change freely for the better. Supposed certainty doesn’t always unite. The conversation changes completely when humbleness and open-mindedness are part of the tone while treating others how you wish to be treated if in their shoes.

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