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This question may be nonsensical to those who didn’t grow up hearing the Bible claims to be God’s infallible or inerrant words to humankind. We can’t prove a Book is infallible by what a Book says about itself; besides, even if we had the original autographs unavoidable interpretations aren’t infallible. God though may communicate more clearly than given credit for.

We all experience moral outrage which hints of a common, human Creator’s influence through our moral intuitions. We intuitively know somehow to treat family, friends, and others like we want to be treated. Also, how can God expect us to be perfect like Them (Mt. 5:48), to know good from evil, if godly and human perfection aren’t the same? In fact, those whose biblical interpretations suggest otherwise advise their explanation of God is a mystery. Actions or interpretations that don’t lead to loving your neighbor as you wish to be loved may be amiss because they are contrary to our beliefs about perfection.

So, everyone’s opinion is right if we can’t know God only through the Bible?

Moral laws such as stealing, lying, or committing adultery reside in all of us. Only extremists, who seek to control for selfish reasons, claim forced love is true love. The Bible are not legal documents to be memorized but to be interacted with to transform. The Bible was never meant to replace a personal relationship with our Creator.

In This Series Of Posts:

  •  Why Assumptions About The Bible’s Infallibility Matter?
  • How Can We Know God If An Infallible Book About God Doesn’t Exist?
  • Since The Bible Can Be Misunderstood, What Isn’t God More Direct?
  • What Are Dangers In Assuming The Bible Is Infallible?
  • Is Certainty About God All Good And Uncertainty About God All Bad?
  • How Can We Read The Bible?


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