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It was reported recently that the Vice-President said Jesus spoke to him. I am not sure if they were referring to an audible voice or saying God communicated through impressions or thoughts. Some media suggested one claiming Jesus spoke to them is mentally ill. 

Religious delusions are prominent with certain serious mental health diagnosis. But, because many Christians would say that their relationship with God involves conversations (i.e. prayer), let’s not identify all such people with mental illness. If one is going to be diagnosed with a mental illness, there should be accompanying dysfunctional behaviors associated with such a diagnosis. Let’s be sensitive how we communicate about the experiences of others.  

While many might suggest Jesus or God spoke to them, the implications of such a statement needs to be considered. One must be sensitive when stating Jesus spoke to them, they aren’t implying therefore I am right and you are wrong. One may have heard Jesus wrong! After all, a person who raises from the dead after three days from being hung on a Cross may be righter.  

I can’t prove if Jesus did or didn’t speak to someone. I do know God has never spoken to me audibly. That might be a good thing as God’s overpowering presence may only lead to brief obligations to obey out of fear than making heart-felt, lasting choices. Because I have a relationship with God I do wonder if certain impressions, such as to take a healthy risk in a relationship, is inspired from God or not. I am okay not being certain as I am not talking about life and death decisions. Reconsider if you think God is suggesting doing something immoral.  

I just think God-followers might be sensitive in proclaiming Jesus is speaking to them because how it might distance others and suggest we know better than others.


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