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Is Church Always The Best Place To Grow Spiritually? 

“You can scour your Bible from beginning to end, and you will never find anything that remotely resembles our order of worship…They are officiated and directed by a clergyman, they make the sermon central, and the people are passive and not permitted to minister…actually hinders spiritual transformation…it encourages passivity…We grow by functioning, not by passively watching and listening.”  

Pagan Christianity?, Frank Viola & George Barna, Chapter 3 

I do not wish to discourage church attendance for those it helps grow in their spirituality. I do wish to acknowledge that attending church is a burden and not spiritually transforming for many. Life is too short to not find environments to be encouraged and encourage others in becoming more the person you deep down desire to come. Many may not know or have heard that God desires for us the very thing we want for ourselves. Also, another good book on the subject matter is Beyond Sundays by Wayne Jacobsen. See my review below of the Book on Amazon.

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