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An angry, egomaniac Deity who loves to punish comes to mind for some when thinking about God and justice. When a child or friend hurts others or themselves, is your first inclination to punish the hell out of them so they will come to their senses? Why would a heavenly Parent seem to have less of a heart than a human parent?

God’s purpose for justice isn’t to protect their ego or get even.

God and humans know even perfect justice falls short of guaranteeing changes of the heart which is the ultimate desire. God surely understands the threat of justice isn’t meant to change hearts but a last resort to deter evil in hopes one becomes convinced unselfishness leads to lack of fulfillment. God isn’t seeking to pile on when we already regret hurting others or ourselves. God thinks of justice in terms of persuading us to accept that certain actions lead to harm.

The failure of justice to change the world calls for hope for Someone greater.

Most would agree morality shouldn’t be determined by a few who are imperfect themselves. Humans fail often to achieve even their own standards in relationships.  Our need for a perfect model as an example calls for a perfect God. Some world systems of thought chase perfect justice as if it exists. But, if we take from the rich and give to the poor for equality, this often only leads to those distributing the wealth becoming the rich.

Justice or laws don’t change hearts.

Create 10 commandments and we will break the 11th commandment.  Justice is not the ultimate hope because justice cannot restore future memories robbed because of a loved one taken too soon off this earth by another’s murderous actions. An absolute Model can guide us in pursing our deep-down desires to love others as we want to be loved. Jesus was right. The heart not the law is the path to change. We desperately need a God who can help us with changes of the heart and with feelings even perfect justice cannot fulfill as the result of evil actions.


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