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Many wish for God’s guidance but become discouraged when not knowing if their thoughts are random or specifically from God. Most agree God rarely speaks audibly so how can one know when specific thoughts or feelings from God?   

God has already communicated about moral decisions.

Who doesn’t know killing, stealing, or abusing is wrong. God guides us morally by moral intuitions rational humans agree on. We know terrorists are wrong because they would not accept us denying their freedom of beliefs. Actions toward others that you would not accept toward yourself are questionable.

Don’t assume God must give specific advice about decisions not moral in nature.

You pray and ask God to guide which job offer to accept. The underlying assumption is that future outcomes are knowable so one job is a better decision than the other job in the long-run. A predetermined future suggests freedom is an illusion. Even an all-powerful God can’t know an unknowable future. Wouldn’t a loving, uncontrolling parent or God in an open future simply advise to access your gifts and passions and make the wisest choice you know at that time.

What about decisions somewhat moral in nature such as whether to divorce your partner?

It is unlikely God guides us exclusively through a Book. The Bible hasn’t been available to the majority of people born into this world, and literature is subject to interpretation thus we cannot be certain of the message or meaning intended by the author. This explains why there are numerous views on divorce according to the Bible. A partner may respond with gratitude for a second change or another chance may simply enable bad behaviors to continue. God is supportive of the wisest decisions we know under current circumstances which may include the counsel of others. God can’t promise you a certain outcome and still be a respecter of freedom.

It seems unlikely a caring God wouldn’t clearly communicate if ever necessary.

Godly and human love may work the same. Human parents as children get older seldom need to be direct but hope to positively influence, not control, over time by the relationship. God guides us morally through intuitions to treat others like we want to be treated. God seeks to support and empower us to take risks in other decisions. If you believe God is nudging you, don’t wait for certainty or feel guilty deciding otherwise. I am convinced God is asking us what we want to do with the gifts and passions we have to make for a better world.


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