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We want to feel more of a connection with our Creator, but obviously God isn’t visible to communicate as we are used to in other relationships. How can we know that God is truly guiding us if we aren’t sure how they communicate to us?

The Bible records that God spoke audibly sometimes to give instructions or voice approval. God is said to have spoken to Moses where people could hear during the giving of the Ten Commandments (Ex. 19:9), and God’s voiced approval from heaven when Jesus was baptized (Mt. 3:17). Some claim today on rare occasions God has spoken audibly to them, but I am not sure how to prove that unless others are present to confirm it was a physical than psychological experience.

OT prophets write “God said” as if God had spoken to them personally. We do not know exactly how this type of revelation from God differs from simply impressions, thoughts, and feelings one may have as to what they think God has communicated to them. Prophets played a unique role in history in introducing God to the world. I do not believe any today can proclaim themselves to be like OT prophets where God is conveying new information.

Many would suggest God’s primary method of communication today is through the Bible.

The challenge is that literature is interpretation, and misinterpretations are often proclaimed to be the Word of God. It is not uncommon for different meanings to be expressed of the same passage and different applications suggested for our personal circumstances. Books written in the past cannot be definitive ultimately for guidance, as the writer is not available for clarification and explanation.

It is plausible if a God exists, they have communicated clearly to us through our moral intuitions.

It seems to me the presence of moral anger hints of a personal external force communicating through our moral intuitions that lead to outrage. How else do we explain a universal desire to treat others like we want to be treated? There is agreement on most moral matters. Nations can establish laws because there is almost universal agreement on stealing, lying, or murdering. We know God’s moral advice to us because of such intuitions. 

God gives us a sense of morality for our own good, but then sets us free to follow our desires. We are asking what God wants us to do; God is asking what we want to do.

God’s plan is not a detailed blueprint but a general one to set us free to love. The future isn’t already determined, making freedom an illusion. Many get frustrated with God because they assume God keeps information hidden from them. God can’t know an unknowable future. Which career or job do we pursue or any decision that is not moral in nature? God is like any good parent when it comes to future, amoral decisions – we are free to make the wisest decision at that time based on our gifts, past experiences, current circumstances, and future aspirations.

God has communicated – be free!

God has already communicated morally through our intuitions. How do we treat others? How do you wish to be treated! Should you forgive? Do you want to be forgiven! But, certain decisions depend on one’s personal circumstances. One may divorce or remain in a marriage for the sake of the children. God has spoken when we make the wisest decision we know at the time. Seek wisdom from others. There isn’t always one right decision as if the future is predetermined. God simply desires to persuade and empower us to do all the good we can, for the all the people we can.

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