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Our mental views of God shape our attitudes toward God. Misbeliefs about God hinder engaging with God to pursue spirituality. If you think there may be a God, I am convinced you will not regret pursuing more of a connection with your Creator than regretting having a closer relationship with your partner, children, or friends. In this series of Posts the Bible is referenced because that is from where views of God are often formed. What if you discovered that God wasn’t homophobic even according to the Bible?

  • Who doesn’t condemn homosexual acts mentioned in the Bible involving violent sexual activities against one’s will such as rape (Sodom and Gomorrah in Gen 19; Judges 19:22)! Certain homosexual acts are forbidden in OT laws, but loving, monogamous relationships surely aren’t in mind as stated alongside not burning babies on the altar (Lev. 18:20-22).
  • Jesus said nothing against homosexuality. Other NT passages condemn homosexual activities compared to adulterous or prostituting behaviors (I Cor. 6:9) or love devoid of fidelity (Rom. 1:31). It seems likely writers have in mind sexual practices common in their day. Masters often were involved in sexual acts with their slaves; men were having sex with younger boys. These passages are not referring to committed love between two people.
  • Sexual behaviors that are abusive, unequal, controlling, mindless, selfish engagements, as opposed to consensual monogamous relationships, are immoral to any rational human being. The church acts as if all gay relationships are the same; opposite gender relationships aren’t! The Bible is silent on monogamous same sex relationships, while supporting relationships that show love and concern for one another.
  • Everyone who shares something deeply personal isn’t asking what you think the Bible says. If we don’t have positives to share, we need to stop telling people what God thinks about them and let God speak to them. We clearly don’t agree on what the Bible says about many issues in life, or there would not be so many denominations with so many differing creeds.
  • Many refer to Paul’s list of sins to call out homosexuality but they fail to call out the greedy and slanderers (I Cor. 6: 9-10). Unless you are homeless chances are you have been greedy more than once this week by keeping more than you need and not giving the rest to those struck by tragedies. So when I see you, remind me to say “I love you, but I hate your behaviors.” Church folks condemn gay relationships but they get divorced half the time. One best examine their own life before condemning gay couples who are committed.
  • Please don’t insult others by comparing homosexuality to pedophilia, bestiality, etc. Friends are coming to us about themselves or their children about a very personal matter, and they are speaking about consensual, adult relationships. Do I think it is okay if three women marry four men? I will let you know when really confronted with that.
  • One may argue it doesn’t seem natural because the world could not have populated in the beginning. We are no longer in that situation and the world will continue to populate because not all couples are gay. We have unwanted children who need loving couples. Many gay couples are far better parents than many opposite sex parents. Don’t worry! Loving couples don’t try to scare a child straight or gay.
  • Each has their own story as to why they are gay. Most gay people will tell you they don’t feel their feelings are a choice. It is who they are. We must not deny anyone’s freedom to being gay or pass judgment on those who wish to try to change to being straight.

I am convinced God thinks, as most of us do, that committed, life-long, mutual-consenting, monogamous sexual relationships are always in our best interest. If your hearts tells you or your loved one isn’t condemned by God, you can follow your heart and God. I understand caring people can come to different conclusions what the Bible teaches. Since the matter is clearly debatable, I would suggest taking the less judgmental stance in relationships. Jesus never spoke about homosexuality and said when gone He would leave His Spirit to guide individual hearts.

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