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It is normal to think of disadvantages of being a God-follower. In some countries people are put to death for their belief in God. But, there can be emotional benefits in pursuing a connection with our Creator if any inclination to do so. I can’t prove God exists though how can nothing produce something. Millions if not billions are not insane for knowing or at least hoping there is a God who can provide worth, perspective, meaning, and hope of life after death.

God’s approval of our worth can be a breath of fresh air to those who may need it the most.

Some parents beat down their children all their life, reminding them constantly how worthless they are. You aren’t thin enough. You aren’t pretty enough. You aren’t smart enough. You aren’t successful enough. You are worthless! God looks at the heart of a person not circumstances we can’t control. God can never betray us like parents or partners can. A relationship with God always entails mercy and acceptance.

God’s perspective on freedom can liberate.

The world loves to tell us we can and should be able to do whatever we want. Where does being free to drink as much as you want or have sex with whomever you want get you? I didn’t always want to be uncontrolling of my children. I don’t always want to be patience with my partner’s flaws. I don’t act that way – on my good days! True freedom is sacrificial. Certain viewpoints lead to more loving, long-lasting relationships.

God’s help in suffering, which is inevitable in a free world, can make life less meaningless.  

God seeks to help us help others facing similar undeserved sufferings. I understand it is easy to blame God when not intervening with suffering that seems totally senseless. But, where does God draw the line to not make a mockery of freedom? If God stops the murdering of millions by an evil dictator, why doesn’t God prevent every murderer, every sexual abuser, and every adulterer before they destroy lives? God may be able to explain some day how God’s love must be influential but not coercive to remain moral.

God can give hope beyond suffering and death. It is human nature to hope there is something beyond this life.

Suffering doesn’t have to be an end all for those who have suffered terribly in this life. A Creator can give hope to victims that one day their perpetrators will be forced to face justice by understanding their victim’s pain and accepting the harmfulness of their actions. God after death may bring to memory every action of betrayal felt by victims. The cleansing and educative effect may take longer for some.

There are other considerations for being a God-follower besides worth, perspective, meaning, and hope.

God can inspire to treat others better than they always treat us, or there may never be reconciliation in relationships or help for people in difficult circumstances to turn a moral corner in their lives. We may have committed such horrible acts that we can’t forgive ourselves much less expect others to forgive. God never gives up on us. A moral, insightful and forgiving God empowers me to continually pursue perfection while not being paralyzed by guilt when failing. God is a constant encourager to be more the person we desire.

Believing in God doesn’t mean you don’t have doubts at times whether God really exist.

Believing in God doesn’t mean you aren’t so sure whether there is life after death.

Believing in God doesn’t mean you don’t question how good God really is because of all the evil in the world.

What if a relationship with God is the same relationship we have always desired with our parents, partner, or friends?

What if God’s love is the love we deep down desire to show others consistently? I doubt you will regret pursuing more of a connection with your Creator any more than regretting having more of a connection with your partner, children, or friends.


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