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People may think I don’t show enough reverence toward God by talking more about what God can do for us and not what we owe God. It is because of the kind of Creator I believe we have. When children are grown, we may think it should become what the children do for their parents. But, it is the parents who brought children into the world. Children may one day return their parent’s love but hopefully not out of a sense of obligation. God isn’t always getting their panties in a wad, and God as a Parent seeks a mutually satisfying relationship.

God often does the most for those who are desperate.

When life is trouble-free, we don’t always look for help from others. But, we may have committed such horrible acts that we can’t forgive ourselves much less expect others to forgive. God never gives up on us. Sometimes, parents or partners betray us. God never betrays us. A relationship with God always entails mercy and acceptance. Jesus’ death on the Cross enables us to know God sees us as Christ as our sins are nailed to the Cross. Jesus sought to help us be comfortable with God despite our guilty feelings.

But, we don’t have to be desperate to benefit from a relationship with our Creator.

My wife and I have been married long enough for me to have desires to be a great husband toward her. I fall short frequently, but I remain desirous to take responsibility for and confess wrongdoings than blame others. That is on God who allows me to continually pursue perfection while not being paralyzed by guilt when failing. God helps me avoid stupid thinking that marriage is only about being good 85% of the time or not as bad as other partners.

Life isn’t fair thankfully. We don’t always get what we deserve. Most sense a need to treat others like we want to be treated. But, what do we do when children, parents, partners, friends don’t act that way to us? God encourages us to go the extra mile in relationships for the possibility of reconciliation if people come to their moral senses. Many relationships can be saved when we aren’t focused on being as good as the other person or demanding others treat us perfectly or else! We may need the same treatment one day. God can be our sounding and leaning board as we seek wisdom and patience in relationships that may lead to healing.

What can God do for you?

  • God gives the motivation and encouragement to continually strive to be the person we desire
  • God helps to not fear death and look forward to be reunited with our loved ones
  • God provides insights into what true freedom is. If freedom is doing what we want when you want, we may never make sacrifices in relationships to benefit in the long-run

  • God enables suffering, that is inevitable in a troubled world, to not be meaningless by empowering us to help others facing similar undeserved sufferings

The biggest reason for being a God-follower is the continual inspiration received in striving to be the kind of person we deep down desire to be.

My attitudes don’t always translate into actions but I cannot imagine the man I would be without God. The encouragement I feel from my God is the encouragement I have always desired from my parents. God doesn’t seek adoration for ego reasons. God seeks our love and respect to provide comfort and security and empowerment. God is no different than a selfless, uncontrolling parent who we come to trust always has our best interest in mind.

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