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The truth is we can’t avoid trusting our gut about God. Many discuss views about God according to their interpretations of Bible passages. It is seldom mentioned in conversations that one’s interpretation of God could be wrong. No one can claim they know for sure the author’s intended meaning. The fact that many sincere people have different views of the same biblical passage or topic clearly suggests that discernment and a flexible attitude is always necessary.

How then can we know what God is truly like?

Human reasoning is always necessary in getting to know God due to lack of certainty in interpretations. A loving God couldn’t possibly demand certain morals from us that God doesn’t live by. Why would God create all to innately believe in the importance of “walking the talk” if God doesn’t? God’s ways are perfect humanly speaking. Does your gut tell you than when two debatable interpretations in Scriptures exist, err on the side that portrays God as the most moral to the human mind?

How can we know what God truly wants?

An all-powerful, creative God surely doesn’t need more people to bow down to them. Humans who have it all simply long for meaningful relationships. Why would God create us without giving us an innate sense of what God wants? God surely only desires what we all seem to innately desire from one another – a genuine friendship. Please tell me gently what you are thinking about me so you don’t end up talking behind my back. God simply wants us to love others like God loves us.

But, aren’t some views wrong?

Most know in their gut which views are erroneous. Isn’t the only time I need to do more than politely disagree is when one’s views impose upon another’s freedom. We know when parents or government exercise their authority wrongly. We know terrorists are evil because they oppose personal freedom and seek power to be served, not to serve others. A loving God knows that demanding beliefs, rather than one freely choosing, don’t lead to true personal, transformations or authentic relationships.

Did Jesus’ ways seem to suggest trust our gut than certain beliefs? Jesus’ interactions with others rarely demanded certain external beliefs. Jesus led others to consider their heart – treating others with the same love they desired – while implying God’s friendship could empower us. Jesus did oppose the religious of the day who insisted in certain rituals to be really accepted by God. Jesus constantly fought with the religious elite putting obstacles in the way of following one’s heart.

If you are inclined to believe there is a God, I am convinced God will guide you in your personal beliefs about a relationship with your Creator.

When you hear views from others that opposed your gut feelings, don’t be convinced. Don’t shy away from conversations as you work out such beliefs and what implications they have in your life. Do shy away from people who don’t listen carefully and respond respectful. What beliefs about God do you question that may keep you from leaning toward as opposed to away from God?


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